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Family holiday to the snow - OMG it's so expensive

we are a family of 2 adults and 4 children, driving from SA to go to the snow. I reckon the whole thing is going to cost in excess of 8K. this is ridiculous. i know the kids will have a good time, it was my partner's idea but seriously; i think we could have flown to NZ and done it cheaper. Chalet is $800 night in the snowfields, ski hire $1500, clothes were $1000 from Aldi, plus petrol We are in the snow for 4 days and stopping one night either side in a caravan park.


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Well let's face it these were the options you chose. You could have cut costs if you were willing to compromise on certain things. There are cheaper options than dropping $1000 on brand new ski gear at Aldi & i'm sure you could have got cheaper accommodation.

 Yeah, no way I would spend $800 a night for accom. But ridiculous. Get on market place for some second hand snow gear.
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Holy Shirt bitterness runs deep in some of you ladies the snow is expensive it just is. We went to the snow every year though and it was the best holiday ever. I went in to backpack around winters and live in ski towns all over the world. When you love it you pay it. And watching your kids love it is next level... so good. I personally take my kids to New Zealand Every year as it’s alot cheaper (ALOT) we do 2 weeks with about 5 days riding and 5 days surfing for 4-5k.
But we hire a van (the cheapest ones it’s usually about $300 for 2 weeks. Sometimes we get the dollar a day deals so that’s our accomodation and transport (petrol usually is $500 for the trip) We have 2 older kids so lift tickets are a big cost now. (About $500) but we cook on the stove top most nights we eat porridge for break fast, so food is usually only about $300. With the odd night at a burger and pizza shop that’s super famous.
We save a lot cos we all have gear and every 2/3 years I have to buy new cloths for my eldest. But I on sell the ones my youngest has outgrown so I usually break even. Our annual holiday spend range between 4-10 grand , and we don’t earn a lot either.
But we prioritise travelling . So we don’t buy a lot of shit other people buy. We go without small luxuries to afford big luxuries.

 I'm not a snow lover but we prioritise travel too (6-10k on one wage). It's so much better than buying lots of rubbish!
I've never found a dollar a day van deal I like, though. The rental times & routes are too rigid for me.

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 Yeah it doesn’t always work for us but we’ve found one twice that gave us 5 days to take it from Dunedin to Auckland :)
Good thing is that time of year you can book vans last minute cos they aren’t in high demand.

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 Haha. Yeah 5 days is usually the timeframe I see but it's not long enough for us.
Anyway just wanted to say I'm glad to 'find' someone who has a similar lifestyle. Most people think we're either poor or weird!!! (Ok am a bit weird ..) Happy travels!!

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$800 a night! Crazy.

 We have 4 children too. Most hotels make us get two rooms which obviously doubles the price!
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 For that many people it's not that bad for the snow.
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 I have 4 too, I just get a holiday rental. $800 a night is ridiculous.
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 Places rip people off during school holidays
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 I'm going away for a weekend soon for $800 a night. Bit group so split between lots of people
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You forgot the money it costs just to drive into the national park and also the lift passes per person.
It is really expensive but it’s something you need to think of as all the small costs of snow trips add up

 Ski lift average $500 per person for 4 days
$276 per child average for 4 days

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We went to Disney land 5 years ago for $12k
2 adults and 5 kids at the time were aged 3,5,7,9(twins) and we went away for 3 weeks

Average 4 day pass $500 per adult
Average 4 day pass $276 per child

This is why my husband and I have a holiday every few years without the kids. We get the ski holidays and the kids get the Bali holidays.

We are doing Nz in a few weeks
Whole thing costing about $3000 for the 4 of us. 2 week holiday , 2/3 days on the mountain

 Wowsers. Yes it's big money but you're making fun memories with your family that you'll have forever.
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 Sorry I hit send before I finished last night.

Next time I would seriously consider no (you won’t pay for the kids if it’s their first time as the kiddie slopes are free there.)
You can bet flights from $250 return.
Air bnb super cheat too as there is no mountain accommodation it’s all in the village.

Anyways food for thought next time
(Also market place you get brand new full sets of clothes-usually Aldi stuff, for $10 a set (jacket pants and shoes)
Both my kids are decked out for $35 (my eldests I drove a bit as the colour was what she wanted and she’s picky with “fashion” I know she would have complained wearing it if she didn’t love it and then wouldn’t have skiied.
I was already fully equipped as iv done 10 winters abroad.
Hubby got an as new quicksilver jacket for $40

Don’t always go the immediate option if you look to cut costs
Plus NZ is way better than aus ski towns lol

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 You and hubby have good head on your shoulders
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Wowsers! You could’ve found much cheaper accomodation.

Oh my that is expensive. I hope you have a great time!

Lol really? People think it’s hard to afford an 8 k trip and they must be loaded?

Hubby and I bring in a totally of maybe 50k/60k a year. We have a mortgage and we holiday every year and the one every second year costs between 8-10k as the flights for 4 are about 5/5.5k.
We also holiday locally between that.
Some of y’all really need better budgeting going on if an 8k trip triggers you so hard

 Mortgage is pretty low (350k)
No no crap food, on the contrary we only eat fresh food and cooked dinners to save money. Fruit and veg for meals and snacks is far cheaper.
Second hand clothes, for my youngest yes. She gets all her sisters hand me downs. But my eldest is a very clean kid who takes great care of her things, so they go to my second immaculate (they do not do the same after my hurricane has worn through them) I actually but nicer more expensive things for my eldest so it does go through both of them.
Our cars, I had a nice fancy car once, for 6 months, stupidest thing I have ever done financially , more expensive to run and fix and what for ? To look nice? Sold it and took a big loss on it and went back to my solid reliable nice second hand car.
The kids can eat in it all out beach shit gets thrown in without a care.
It’s not a bomb but not fancy. But so damn reliable and runs on air basically.

(And my kids don’t go to public school 😉)

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 Hubby and I have no kids and he earns $81k a year and his car is $15k
I earn $20k and my car is $3500
We have Foxtel don’t go out much and don’t drink or smoke
He paid $21k in tax maybe half went to your FTB

Give us your money tips ?

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 Something does not add up here, your family earns $50-60k per year and your children go to private schools, plus yearly holiday and bi-yearly $8k trips....?
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 The go to an independent school not private.
$4200 a year for both but that includes everything. And it’s riding distance to school so what we saved in petrol if sent to the public we pay in fees.
We have no addition costs (excursions ect swimming the whole year at school is included)
Not sure how it doesn’t add up....
tax returns do help us a bit it’s always a 2-5k return.

We just don’t waste money.
We ride places instead of taking the car (people think I’m crazy when I do this? But then question how we save so much... well my petrol bill is small. So that’s a big cost taken from me. We usually only have one car... so one rego ect. A second car has never been needed... we ride or drive or public transport.
I’m not going to go into here but people waste a lot of money they don’t even realise. We’re not even “stingy” or cheapskates. We also enjoy the
It’s very easy to shave $20 a week off most all people’s budgets at the very very least.

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 Lol how does it not add up?
Roughly $1000 a week.
Mortgage is $360 a week and that’s our biggest spend.
School is about $80 a week
Won’t go into all my bills but we have about $300 a week after all “needs” are taken care of.
That’s a heck of a lot of free money every week. $300 a week can go far, like gives us a lot of holidays. Recently we are looking at some shuffling as my eldest has started outside school activities and my youngest wants to as well (we’ve never needed to as I’m a sports coach so up till now hasn’t been needed. They just learned to surf and swim and play tennis and basketball ride their bike... but now my eldest finally wants to join a team (she never wanted to -very shy)

But it will just mean I might have to stop playing futsal or hubby might pick up a few shifts.

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 Actually you just helped me reminder our salar if finished being paid off in November !!! 🎉
That will be the extra $20 a week wooooo

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 We are similar so it's not impossible. Our mortgage is smaller (90k), income 90k, but we pay a lot more than minimum repayments. No other debt. No credit card. We just budget for everything, don't waste money & I've become a master of getting stuff we do need heavily discounted. You'd be surprised how much extra money can be found by not buying random stuff or take away here & there. And by travelling on a budget!
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Rotorua in NZ is also a great holiday option with kids. They have a Luge which you zip down in carts. And all the thermal wonderland stuff. Its the unusual things like that, and snow, that make the memories that kids have for a lifetime.

The nastiness of some of these comments is really disgraceful. OP I hope you have a great trip.