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Family holiday to the snow - OMG it's so expensive

we are a family of 2 adults and 4 children, driving from SA to go to the snow. I reckon the whole thing is going to cost in excess of 8K. this is ridiculous. i know the kids will have a good time, it was my partner's idea but seriously; i think we could have flown to NZ and done it cheaper. Chalet is $800 night in the snowfields, ski hire $1500, clothes were $1000 from Aldi, plus petrol We are in the snow for 4 days and stopping one night either side in a caravan park.


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C card ?

 Don't be pathetic
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 My cousin Used c card on their honeymoon and bill was around $4k
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 I’m really sick of you answering C card to every comment about something that someone has that you can’t afford. Stop being so jealous, get a job, budget wisely and save money. No one likes a jealous bitter cow. Get a job and do something interesting with your life.
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 I'm imagining an angry short red faced soccer mum in activewear saying this while wavng her tiny little fist.
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What job do you and your partner have ? Wish hubby and I were loaded

 You dont have to be loaded to afford a great holiday. We certainly aren’t but we spend wisely and save money. We don’t drink or smoke or go out to fancy restaurants. We shop around for cheapest deals inc insurance, bills etc. If you’re sensible with money it is easy to save money. We go on a big holiday every two years and can easily afford it. And just incase the credit card troll is reading, we pay cash.
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 We aren't loaded but could afford a $8k holiday. I wouldn't spend that much on a snow trip though
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I'm from NZ, we've just had 9 days in brisbane with our 2 kids aged 9 and 12. Flights cost us 2300, Air bnb House was $1800, rental car was $850, add in food, activities, shopping etc it all adds up. Sounds like you're getting a a pretty good deal for a holiday you want. All those saying oh but you can go to bali for less, ummm she wants to have a skiing holiday with her family NOT a beach holiday!