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Not lactose intolerant

My daughter is 7 and has real troubles with dairy. Vomits every time she eats/drinks dairy. We've had a stool sample done and blood test and the doctors have said its not lactose intolerance. Anyone else had these issues? She's been this way since birth.


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I don't believe you can test for intolerances. Its more an elimination diet. My sons is intolerant to the protein in cows milk not the lactose. He can have some dairy products just not too much. Maybe try another Dr. The first I saw with my son fobbed me off too. He was only 6 weeks old and was a very unsettled baby. I suspected cows milk protein intolerance and mentioned it to the Dr and he said it's very uncommon but it's actually quite common. It was 6 months before we finally confirmed it was dairy just through elimination diet. I was breastfeeding so just stopped dairy and the results were very noticeable within a week.

Research what is actually in cows milk. Maybe your kid is reacting to the Pus.

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I grew out of my lactose intolerance in my early teens. I’d break out in rashes. I know a few people who vomit after eating dairy so I daresay your doctor could be wrong.

Is it possible she might be intolerant to something else? My uncle always thought he was gluten intolerant, but it turned out it was the lactose getting him.
Have they said anything about a possible allergy?

OP No nothing. Unfortunately the doctor just fobbed us off after it wasn't lactose intolerance. And we don't have many doctors where we live.
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 You can get tablets that help digest lactose.
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My son was lactose intolerant from birth. Saw a doctor and a specialist who both told me that you can’t diagnose lactose intolerance from a stool sample or a blood test. Stool sample may give some idea but it’s not reliant. They both told me to eliminate lactose from his diet for 4 weeks, make note of changes, then put him back on regular diet and make notes. The specialist confirmed lactose intolerance when all his symptoms disappeared when lactose was removed and then immediately returned when lactose was reintroduced.

How about cow’s milk protein then? I think it’s called caesin. It’s very rare for babies to be allergic to lactose, because breastmilk also contains lactose

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I should add when she was born we had to swap her formula to illuminate dairy as she had string in her poo which apparently indicates lactose intolerance. We've Obviously cut out dairy but that doesn't give us an answer. And because a doctor has said its not that they won't really help us any further.