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Mini pill, personal experiences? Warning possible TMI post.

So I started on the mini pill to help with horrible period and pms symptoms.
Got my period for the first time on it, a week earlier than usual but I was very pleased by the fact I didn't have the usual horrible cramping and extremely heavy flow.
Fast forward to day 6 on my period and it's still moderately heavy and has been for 6 days. Usually my period is pretty much done by day 6.
My GP told me it can take several months before my body settles in to it, so I should give it 3 months unless it's too bad. And I will obviously check in with my GP again if the bleeding doesn't settle down soon.
But I was just looking for other peoples personal experiences with the mini pill? Weather it was worth persisting with it in your experiences?


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I never used untill i had my 4th child. breastfed her for 18mths, then dscovered i had cyst the size of a grapefruit in my ovary and could have been caused by the mini pill as its in the side effects listing.

OP Oh my goodness! You poor thing. I'll look out for that.
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It turned me into
One angry moody c**t.
Never again.

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I went on it for similar reasons and was on it for 6 years.
Before taking it light flow lasting approx 4 days
on it heavy for 7
this was for the whole time
i also had huge mood issues the week before period to the point of seeing over 5 GPs who all diagnosed anti depressants that i didn't want to take because wasn't for the whole month
finally found a decent GP and all mood issues were caused by it after coming off it for 6 months all mood issues gone and back to light flow for 4 days

OP Wow, that sounds terrible.
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I fell pregnant on the mini pill... twice!

OP Hubby has had a vasectomy so we're not using it for contraception. Just to help with period symptoms
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