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I’m starting to feel like I have nothing to live for except my family

Really just alive because my family loves me. Otherwise I don’t really have friends or anyone or thing else. I know it’s a first world problem but I can’t help it


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Then you have everything to live for - because of your family 💗

Please talk to a professional or family member about your feelings it common to ask why do we even exist some days can be so harder others please remember if you left this earth suddenly your family would be heart broken and you are worth more to them than any world problem hugs to you

Unless you have dealt with mental illness or depression please dont comment. Comments such as the above are really unhelpful and could push someone over the edge to something they cant come back from. Have some human decency and dont add to someones pain.

 Agree, these people have their own problems with getting satisfaction from others misery. Nothing we can do it about except hope everyone can do things to improve their wellbeing
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I hope the assholes making negative comments on this post are not someone's breaking point. God help you if you are

Is it possible to join a community class whilst either the kids are in school or a crèche ?
If you are depressed I recommend dance, yoga, Pilates or fitness, ideally with other women. You might find something you really enjoy doing and I guarantee you will meet people. Give it time, be open and you might just make friends from it. I play soccer and dance. I love both and have made friends from both. Good luck and having friends is important not a first world problem at all.

 Thank you. I’ve tried with friends. I’ve asked to make plans with 3 individual people but every one of them didn’t follow up or flaked on me. It really hurts. I did go to the classes with women but no one is interested in making friends with me they’re established already
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 Well don't go to a class hoping to make friends. Got to class for the class. Once you start getting out or putting yourself out there a bit friendship might start happening.
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 Exactly, I agree with this. I originally responded and I meant find a class that interests you and go by yourself. After a while you will get good at it, be happier and become more confident this is what attracts people. I should have said it takes time too.
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 Thanks I was going for myself. Will keep trying.
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Volunteer your time. There are many charities screaming out for help. Not only wilk you be helping people you can also make some friends.

 Yes but remember you might not make a very best friend who you spend all your time with. It might just be a friend you chat with each time you go. There's all kinds of different friendships.
Also think about joining a community group in your area. Great place to connect with people

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I feel the same. It's normal.

 I feel the same, but I’m sorry, it’s NOT ok. It’s a chemical imbalance in the brain to feel like that, just existing and not feeling happiness out of life. Pls seek help. I definitely am. It breaks my heart to not be able to enjoy my kids.
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 I do enjoy my kids. I breathe in deepevery moment we share. I love my family. Doesnt mean I'm sick or depressed. Just means I've not had enough time for hobbies or alternative fun. People need to toughen up. I don't need to seek help, I need to get my arse into gear. That's it.
All u wankers need to stop flying the mental health card and rely on your own self to make your own happiness.

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 ^^ absolutely this.
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 Ok maybe we aren’t on the same page so I’m so sorry for reaching out and sharing what’s going on in my brain and hey mate there is no such thing as ‘flying the mental health card’ if you had any idea what it is like to ‘exist’ in the world with loving families and kids to enjoy but still can’t take in how good it is, maybe then you’d understand mental health ain’t a card to be playing.
Have a good day

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 If the rest of you don't have a clue about mental illness and what it's like to live with it or know someone with it, then you best shut the f**k up. There are too many judgemental assholes who are so ignorant to the real world.
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 Wow really that easy? Then you have no clue what mental illness is and shouldn’t be here giving real easy advice!!
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 I have no family support, Im the black sheep I also have depression so completely understand how it feels to be completely alone with no one to lean on yourself while caring for others. Sometimes medication and counselling helps, other times medication and "sucking it up" helps me, however it doesn't take the pain and mental fatigue away nor does it stop you from feeling what you feel. You cant control these feelings its not like you just go "oh I'm going to feel great today" and you do, that would be great! Everyone has different degrees of depression and everyone deals with it and responds differently. To tell someone to be grateful for what they have or to be alive is unnecessary because deep down they are grateful however they cant help feel how they feel due to chemical imbalances which is not their fault. Sometimes life gets too much it's okay to ask for help and it should be given. Also getting a job or working doesnt help many of us do work. Think before you comment
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 Totally agree!! ^
I still can’t get over the other responses. I’m not doing well and to read stuff like that has made me feel really awful. That people can be so insensitive and demeaning toward others when they have no real understanding. Anyway it just shows it’s time to get off this site

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