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Do you have an innie or an outie?

No, I'm not talking about your belly button lol.
I have an innie.. and until recently i just assumed that everyone else did too.. I've only ever seen a couple of vajayjays and they've all been innies.. hmm.


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I don't entirely know what all this means & frankly i don't want to know. Don't we all have enough to worry about? Comparing your genitals to someone else because you want an "innie" is just sad. I can't believe people have surgery on this for cosmetic reasons. I can't be the only one who thinks this. The world is so shallow these days.

I asked hubby about this and he says that I have the most innie innie he has come across! I haven't looked that closely but he says I have average-sized outer lips and my inner lips sit well inside and never protrude. I am happy with that and he says he loves it :-) But he says that his friends all like different things and some like big lips and others like everything tucked away. So I guess there is a guy out there for every vulva!

I have two large inner labia that hang down. I hate it but then I think that my fiance likes it. Means that I have to be careful with lace, or if panties have holes in them. Things have get pinched and hurt. I considered getting a labiaplasty but I am learning to love all of me.

Mine is borderline and perfect as is. it's totally a thing, that's what labiaplasty is all about and apparently business is booming.

 So I've read lol
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I have an outie labia and I absolutely despise it not because of how it looks. It’s the most uncomfortable part of my body. I hate wearing certain clothing, and even if I wear lose clothing, it still flaps against the fabric, so I’m pretty much in discomfort 24/7. When I was younger I kept telling other girls that jeans were uncomfortable and they’d act like I was crazy. (I only started wearing jeans regularly in high school because other people told me to. I’ve found jeans that are slightly less uncomfortable on my labia.) I’m going to see a gynocologist about having a labiaplasty.

I have one side a bit longer and that hangs out. Not hangs actually. It pokes out. About 3mm pokes out. Doesn't bother me, that's how it is now!! My belly button bothers me more hahaha

 Mine did this after I ripped (upwards in a V) with my first child. Too close to the urethra so they couldn’t fix it at the time. When I had further surgery after my second, they fixed the torn piece at the same time and it is all tucked back inside again.
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.... I don't get it. Do you mean when the labia hangs down?

 Yeah, like is it all tucked up inside nice & neat or is some poking out?
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 Oooo yeah mine is all tucked up. I saw a documentary about women getting cosmetic surgery to get their hanging down bits snipped. It was confronting.
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 That's what I've just been reading. Hubby is laughing at me cause he just assumed I'd know all this haha. Apparently I'm the only 'innie' he's been with. I found an amusing picture on google of two ham rolls for comparison!
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 Mine is an innie too, I'm able to Google images outie 😂
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 Wow also saw the ham roll pic 😂
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The meat hangers that my aunt got sick of tucking in so she had surgery

 Lol my cousin asked me if i wrote this
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So is an outie if the middle bits hang out?

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I have a perfect looking vagina :-) if there was a parade for beautiful vaginas, I'd be in it lol. But my bum is ruined lol cheers pregnancy induced hemorrhoids. At least I still have fantastic flaps though

 Uh the word flaps makes me shudder
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Outie and I hate it :(

 Don't hate. Embrace! You are beautiful!
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