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Help - 2 and a half toddler concerns

My toddler is 2 and a half.
Always talking/babbling ( you can’t understand it’s his own language ) he can count to 10 and learns things from monkey see monkey do BUT he can’t talk like other kids and can’t comprehend things.
If I say “go pick up your toys” or “would you like a drink” “are you hungry” he won’t do it and can’t awsner back but if I put one toy away he will understand and put them all away. If I put food in front of his face and kind saying yes he try’s and says “yessyesyes”. He laughs and smiles a lot and always has a lot of energy but lately been having meltdowns where he just wants to hit things and throw his head into walls ect.
My son gets chronic ear infections and has since he was 1 the last few weeks he has been on three rounds of antibiotics and can’t fight it now, he is going to see a ent next week.
Has anyone been a similar position?


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I’m assuming his ear infections are impacting his hearing. So he’s likely not ignoring you or misunderstanding you, rather he’s just not hearing you. Keep up with the doctors appointments and good luck.

 And the meltdowns are probably caused by frustration and pain. Poor little boy.
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OP Thank you for your comment !
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 You’re welcome. I hope you find some answers and some help. 😊
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I would take to a paediatrician and see what they recommend maybe he needs grommets

Can you pop into your local child health clinic with these concerns? They can probably do an assessment as well to see if he's meeting milestones with speech and following commands!

I would take all of your concerns to a good Dr and get referrals for hearing checks and a pediatrician

He may have a hearing problem from the constant ear infections, and he is probably in pain from it as well.
His actions would be typical of frustration and / or pain.
Lots of kids have ear problems, and some have to have grommets inserted to drain their ears.
Without it they can end up with permanent hearing impairments, and that will hinder their progress at school.
ENT should be able to sort it out.
One of mine had ear infections, but the antibiotics worked for him.

OP Thank you so much for your comment!!
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