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Who walked you down the aisle?


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My grandfather. My parents divorced when I was 5. My father was an abusive alcoholic and was not a part of my life after that.

My mum then my husband walked down at half way and walked arm in arm between my mum and I.
My dad is a pedophile and used to beat my mum and siblings so I have nothing to do with him. My two older brothers (different dads) shared the "father" of the bride dance with me.

My Dad, I'm the third daughter and he walked us all down the aisle.

My father. Drunk, high, but incredibly proud of his little girl. My father walked me down the aisle, even though he hates the idea of marriage (my parents had a nasty divorce).

No one. My dad died. Wish everyday he could see me and meet my kids

 Im so sorry hun. Both of my parents are gone so I feel your pain. I find comfort knowing that they're watching over me, my kids and my beautiful grandbabies. I hope you have something to help you ease the pain ♥️♥️♥️
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 It makes me feel sad reading this.. my dad is alive, he’s a good father but we don’t have a strong connection mostly on my side as I spend most of my time away and I was the youngest/he ran a business through my childhood. I feel sad know he will one day pass that it brings me to tears sometimes. I’m sorry for your losses

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I have no relationship with my bio dad, my step dad, the man who raised me died 2 years before my wedding so the honour was my mum’s. I think if my step dad was around I would have had both of them walk me down though .

 I love that you said your mum had the honours. I'm sorry about your step dad 💜
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