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What do you get a couple for their engagement when you've only met them a handful of times?

Theyve been together for years, have 2 kids, plenty of money. They a people we met through mutual friends, don't know them that well but they are lovely


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The same as you'd give newlyweds in their 20s with no kids.
Marriage is marriage.
At least their partnership has lasted.

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Bottle of wine/ champagne
Fancy box of chocolates
Voucher for a local cafe

Assuming you are going to a party..... buy them a nice gift. Just because they have been together years doesn’t mean they don’t need things or things replaced.

$100 voucher for dinner somewhere nice, couples massages.

I know people are happy for others to simply enjoy the celebration with them.

$50 in a card. At this point, given what you've said about them, it's going to be a token gift, anyway. They don't need anything.