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Birthday invite

My daughter is invited to her friends birthday party on Saturday and invite says please buy $5 present for her 3 year old brother
What can I buy him ?


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Maybe a little book or colouring book? Or a small puzzle? Kmart has lots of things for $5.

P.S. to everyone saying "how rude" etc of the parents - each to their own. No need to be judgmental, if OP is offended she can simply decline the invite, but as she's asking for gift suggestions it's fair to say that she's happy to spend the $5 on an extra present.

 ‘Each to their own’... really? You think it’s acceptable to put that on an invite? It has nothing to do with judgement and everything to do with manners.

And if all OP wanted to know was what can you buy a 3 year old for $5 and nothing more, then that is what her question would be without the extra details.

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 Firstly, where in my response did I say it was acceptable? I didn’t cast judgement either way. All I said was that if OP had an issue with spending the $5 she would have declined the invitation. I also said there was no need to judge.

Secondly, I believe OP provided the additional details for context, not because she was asking if it was a reasonable request by the birthday child’s parents.

I certainly wouldn’t put this on a birthday invitation, but at the same time I will not judge the other parents for doing so. If I was in OPs position and was offended I would simply decline the invitation.

I am entitled to my opinion and I believe in having empathy for people. So yes, I stand by my initial statement, live and let live.

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 ^ This is a discussion, people are allowed to air their opinions just as much as you. Get off your high horse
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 Yes, it is a discussion and as such I am entitled to my opinion. It’s not about being on a ‘high horse’ it’s about being open minded and not having a black and white view of the world.
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 Under what circumstances is asking for gifts for a sibling acceptable? Struggling to understand your POV.
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 I never said that asking for a sibling gift was acceptable. In fact, if you read my comments above you will see that I said I would never do it personally.

All I said was that I am not judging the parents because I don’t believe in judging other people and I definitely don’t believe in tearing other people down.

I don’t know why the parents are behaving in such a way, I just don’t think it’s my place to criticize or judge them.

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 Why the debate then if you agree thatit’s unacceptable?
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 Blatant gift grab seems like the only reason to me
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 It's probably the birthday girls mother condoning this $5 gift bullshit
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 OMG ladies - chill out. The lady is allowed to say there is no need to judge. She has even said she wouldn’t do what the birthday girls parents are doing. Maybe she’s just more tolerant than the rest of us!!! I would just send my child with no sibling gift, case closed.
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You can get hot wheels cars for $2 if you really feel the need to buy anything. How very rude to ask to buy a present for the birthday girl’s brother as well

What the actual f**k. Lol I’d be laughing in the mother’s face 😆

 I’d accidentally on purpose forget to buy one
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Wow I think it's a little rude asking guests to buy a 2nd gift for a sibling. $5 or 50c it doesn't matter. That's just bloody rude. Ive had many kids birthday parties and have never once asked anyone to do anything for my other children. That's my Job

Why is everyone commenting that it’s rude etc.??
While I agree it is rude, that is beside the point, the lady is asking for gift ideas for $5!

How utterly ridiculous of the birthday girl’s parents to think this is acceptable 😱 I foresee very little attendees and much more gossiping 😆

Go to Kmart and buy him a load of stuff Nik nax.

Is it possible that the invite suggests presents for the brother and not the birthday girl?
Poor kids going to grow up in a bubble, he will have to learn eventually that sometimes it’s not his turn for things

You buy a present for the birthday child only. Simple.

Sorry but that's just rude. When my daughter had her party I invited two of her older brothers friends so he had someone to hang out with, I specifically told their parents not to buy my daughter a present, they were there to hang out with my son.