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What party games did u play at parties??

Just had my daughters 5th Birthday, played pin the tail and musical bobs/statues and the kids seemed to get so upset when they got out!
Any ideas on future party games??


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I didnt realise that every child is ment to get a present with pass the parcel. We never played it that way as kids. So my sons 5th Birthday was full of crying kids who didnt get anything!! lol

Yep, a lot of kids are use to getting what they want, when they want. Or they tantrum til they get it because their parents just want them to shut up.

So glad my children do this minimally. They still try it on sometimes, but I just ask them if a tantrum has every worked to get what they want and they soon give it a rest lol

And yes.. I am totally sitting here all smug, because when my children where younger I was strict. And everyone made fun of me and had a go at me.. And now I'm all like. Yep my 5 and 7 year old boys are pretty easy to parent compared to yours who still throw themselves on the floor if they don't get what they want hahahaha suck it bi****s

Put on shower cap. Cover in shaving cream. Throw cheezels. Most on wins

 Wtf? Seriously?
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 Yep. Had it at my 30 Th.
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Pass the parcel, but you have to control time the whole game so every child gets a prize 😂😂 so sad!

Treasure hunt, musical chairs, pass the parcel just a few.. probably a million on google searches..