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How would you handle this situation?

My in laws are staying with us for 5 days and now it’s day 3 and so far they have been washing everyday
Day one 2 undies 2 tops trackies
Day 2 jamas one wash and another wash 4 tops
Today 4 undies 2 pants 2 tops


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Do you make a list of what they put in the machine? Also..... Didn’t you ask this exact question a while ago? Is it a yearly occurrence? It’s not a if deal if they are only staying for 5 days. But if you’re gonna be petty, maybe next time tell them before they arrive you machine is broke and they need to bring emoji clothes to last them all of their stay.

 Yes, I remember this question being asked before also.
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 They tend to recycle questions on here
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Is it a financial issue? Are you worried about your water and/ or electricity bill? I doubt it’ll increase that much with a few extra loads. I’d try not to sweat the small stuff, it’s lovely that they have come to visit. If it really worries you, perhaps you could ask them to consolidate their washing?

 It’s the cost and water restrictions
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Pervert I bet you're sniffing the knickers

 Get fleas
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maybe they are bored and just trying to find something to do or might have OCD of some sort, some people have a set routine and that might be it? it wouldn't phase me at all....they are the inlaws you got to respect them, its better then them wearing filth in your bedsheets right?

Who cares get over it, it’s 5 days! Be grateful you have family to come visit

Drop it, there's only a couple days to go & then they're gone. Then drink wine & be thankful they don't live closer or stay longer.