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AHM private insurance

Has anyone had experience with AHM? We are currently with HCF and have been for several years. My husband got a call from iselect talking about different insurance companies and offering to get a better price. This one came in as cheapest. I’m not familiar with them and hesitant to change without some additional info.


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I select have agreements with certain companies, so it may be the cheapest, but out of what companies did they compare and what ones do they not deal with is what you need to find out before asking which ‘came in’ cheaper

OP Good point, thank you!
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 No worries ;)
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 Ahm is a part of Medibank.
I think there is another website, like compare health rather than iselect that has a bigger database to compare more healh funds, but I can't quite remember ....

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I have been with AHM for 9 years and love them! I always recommend them to people. So cheap compared to other funds but great coverage !