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Abortion - please no judgement

Just found out I'm pregnant with the 3rd. Hubby has said he doesn't want any more children and wants us to have an abortion. I would love to have this baby but without the support of my husband then there is no way I can go through with it. My questions are does anyone know how much it costs for a medical abortion (with the pill) in Sydney. Also vasectomy, how much does a vasectomy cost roughly in Sydney?


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I personally haven't had one but a good friend of mine did not long ago. She wanted to just take the tablets but she was 9 weeks so had to have the d&c. She was fine afterwards. Little sad but she still says now she made the right decision. I am pro choice so if this is what YOU want don't listen to negativity. But also don't let your husband bully you into terminating. This could seriously affect your mental health if its not what you want. But I wish you all the best xxx

I had an abortion, 15 years ago now at 18 years old. I was basically forced into doing it and have regretted it every day since. I tried to take my own life numerous times, I have so many scars on my arms and legs from cutting and have battled severe depression all because of an abortion I never wanted in the first place.
Please please think about yourself and not just your husband, this procedure could have enormous repercussions 😢

 It’s not due to abortion your cutting
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 Don’t be hard on yourself, you were young and had very little options and support. Try to forgive yourself and love yourself, you deserve to be happy.
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Around 500 for both.

 I mean each.

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OP Thank you ☺
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OP try and ignore the ignorant cu**s trying to shame you. Only you know what's best for you and your situation. Last time I heard anything about it, abortion was $3000-$5000. BUT that was overheard being said by a piece of shit who is known for telling lies. So, who knows. Call a womens clinic and ask them. Broadmeadow Day Surgery for example (although that's north of Sydney, in Newcastle)

OP Honestly people's words don't get to me so they are pretty easy to not get upset by it ☺ thank you. Thanks I will give some a call tomorrow
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 The skank sprouting those prices was prob asking the father for the $$$ lol
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 Abortion is 100% free i thought! My ex skank friend has had over 10. And 3 living kids. She even aborted twins. No self respect and the doctor told her he wouldn't do anymore so she finally got contraception. No not joking either. No longer friends. She never paid a cent! Living in fnq by the way...
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 It was the father saying that. The woman wanted to get the termination because she didn't want a baby with that abusive POS, she told him that was her plan and he started carrying on that she'd never afford it and blah blah. Before anyone says it, I grew up in lakemba, where this took place. We're not known for being high class there lol.
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 You can manage to get them free through different kinds of funding, aboriginal health, mental health (if you claim you will take your life/ babies life!)
Google your local abortion clinics . They all state prices depending on how far you are

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Marie stopes international maybe able to advise costs and things to you. From memory it was about $500.

I had a medical abortion last year. It was $450. In brisbane!
Good luck

OP Thank you. What was your experience with it?
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 I went in to the clinic.. They gave me some pills, hour late they knocked me out and cleaned me up. I went home and slept for an hour and went back to my life straughtaway.. Bled for 2 weeks. Pregnant again 4 months later
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Medical abortions i think are about $500-600. Call and book in ASAP.

OP Thank you ☺
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Do it because you want to and it’s your decision. If you are good with the decision then you will be fine. I must say people I know who have had their third or fourth by accident never regret their children. All the best to you.

Just wonder OP, if you went through this? And if how it went please.

Wtf.... they use methotrexate to induce early abortions. Its VERY cheap.

 I mean methotrexate is a cheap medication.... so jist wow on the mark-up

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Dad made mum doing it because she was in her late thirteen the pricj. And now mum feels empty every day. He made her feel she was too old and the baby could be defective. Don't do it. Threes great the more the merrier

The cost is an innocent baby's life, for the convenience of your husband's "want"

OP Really? You want to go on about this. I'm pro choice so shoosh you!
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 I'm pro choice but from the baby's perspective and I'm pretty sure any baby if given the choice would prefer to live than being murdered by their own parent before they're even had a chance to be born
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 The "baby" aka embryo is incapable of thought.
And if it were I'm sure it wouldn't want to be born into a world where it's father doesn't want it. If you really were thinking about the "baby" you would think about what kind of life it would have not just about wether or not it comes out of a vagina breathing.

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 Having a baby is never convenient and they are actually talking about a fetus
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Hey OP, it's $470 in Queensland. I hope that helps you.