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Have you ever been ghosted? What happened and how did you handle it?


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Yes I have after two different dates. Was easy to let go of because it was they were first dates and we did not kiss or anything.

What exactly is ghosted?

 Heya. It's pretty much when someone abruptly stops all communication with you without warning . They don't answer your calls or reply to your texts etc. Its like they never existed
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No, but I have done it. It was not my proudest moment. I was attracted to a married man and I could see how much he wanted me in his eyes. I chose to ignore him and ghost him on his last day at work. It was my gift to him. If you have been ghosted sometimes the other person feels too much to express in words what they are feeling. I was too overwhelmed to try to explain. I thought my actions would help him understand that I just couldn’t have an affair like it was no big deal. The thing is he knows where to find me but hasn’t reached out, I was not that important and probably would have been the one getting hurt in the long run.

 I think you did the right thing x
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 Sad but bold and necessary for self preservation so I like it. Hope you are in a better place.
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 Thank you, I thought I would get nasty comments. It was purely self-preservation, I am a stronger person now and in a much better place.
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I’ve been at either end of a ghosting. When I ghosted an old friend, we had went from having an amazing friendship to a toxic friendship over a good few years. I had tried speaking to her about real issues that cropped up but she was very much in denial and thought she was a veritable saint and couldn’t see what she was doing so I got to the point that Our friendship was stressing me out and realised it was time to end it. I just gradually cut ties and it’s been great. I don’t wish her anything but happiness and a great life just as long as it’s away from mine.
When I’ve been ghosted it was with a friend I was friends with for the kids and when the kids stopped being friends I was no longer included in her life and gradually phased out. I saw it fairly quickly and happily opted out. It’s life. Don’t take it personally really, maybe think if there has been clues or reasons for it, maybe it’s been your behavior, maybe theirs, maybe it’s for no other reason than the relationship/friendship no longer suits.

Be an adult and communicate.

 It's a little difficult for the person who has been ghosted but otherwise I agree with you 😊
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