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What do you think of K-marts virtual queue?


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Me last night: Oh, a 4 minute wait. Hmmmmm.. I'll try ebay while I wait. Got it. And delivered too. Bye Kmart.

If their system can't handle the traffic they should upgrade it. They've had plenty of warning.

 I dont think most people comprehend what is involved in an upgrade that size. We are talking millions of customers. They will be working on it day and night.
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 I actually had this discussion with my husband. I felt like it was to protect the workers..people just keep ordering and ordering and ordering as no one is shopping and the store doesn’t probably have the manpower to deal with..nor within a healthy pressure on it’s workers. I think it was a fair call
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It's only minutes. What's the big sook about?? If you can't wait a few minutes then there's something wrong.

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 My husband had a 30 minute wait. He couldn’t be bothered. They are going to lose a lot of customers.
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 Still only 30 minutes. With everything going on right now surely we can have some patience and wait 30 minutes.
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 And while you wait 30 minutes
you look elsewhere and likely find something better because Kmart is crap. Why wait 30 minutes to buy crap?

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 I used to work in online development & learnt almost half of people wait about three seconds before abandoning the page.

People aren't having a sook, really, We've been conditioned to expect instant gratification or we go elsewhere.

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 Sounds about right
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It's much more annoying that you can shop everything on the site and then you don't know if it's in stock online or available for click and collect until you check out.

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 So be it
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I don't have a problem with it. I think others can probably adopt a similar system such as centrelink

There is only so much they can do. Trust me, they won’t miss any customers with the “won’t shop with them again” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

It’s very poor form, from someone that consults in e-commerce, it shows so many errors to consumers on why they have to use this strategy. Infrastructure obviously needs an upgrade. Online is meant to be quick, easy and convenient shopping and this strategy only causes friction to getting the purchase. Most people won’t wait, they will buy elsewhere if there is a queue..period.

 What size companies do you consult to? Theyve gone from 90% in store to 90% online overnight. Not many systems will handle that with the sheer amount of customers they have. Look at centrelink, medicare etc.
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 Oh look someone of intelligence that thinks rationally- thank you for joining us. We need more of you here.
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I dont know what ya'll are talking about. I was just at the Kmart website (to suss this out) and it's working fine

Lost me as a customer, what is everyone buying? I dont get it.

SAHM Staff I do not know if they're actually even buying anything, I had to wait for minutes in a queue to see if they even sold the product I was after!
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 I would think they're buying kids educational books, i was. Maybe easter stuff if you don't want to leave the house, they still deliver- the supermarkets wont.
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 SAHM staff - Google the product name and 'Kmart'. You'll be able to see if they sell it. You'll still have to wait in the queue to see if it's available tho!
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Incredibly annoying! It's a website for goodness sake..

Go there on a whim to check if they have something......start looking at other sites....hmmm moments pasted don't worry about it kmart bye

I've been on the site twice to see what's up. The first time I had a 2min wait and the 2nd time was 1min. I didn't have a problem with it. It's not like I haven't got time to spare 😂