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Have your parents ever tried to kill your dreams?

I feel like they just want me to settle for safe & ordinary not take risks to get what I want.


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My whole family is hyper critical but especially my mum, it's ridiculous seeing as none of them have really achieved much in life.
I've had my ideas and dreams shot down since I could think and dream them.
I worked my a*s off from age 15 and built an amazing house when I was 19, my mother walked in and said "those tiles would have looked better in eggshell rather than cream".. that's literally all she said 😅 I don't see my family much any more, I put them on a very restricted information diet and when I do see them I never take a word to heart any more because they don't really know me anyway.
I do feel their criticism and insensitivity gave me a very helpful tool in becoming successful in my career.

 Can you explain more how it became a helpful tool?
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No they’ve given me my last remaining dream that that were out of reach ( a financial one)