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Would you stay with an OCD person?

My partner wrote out a list for me and him 5 things everyday inc moping vacuuming sweeping linen wash 3 times a week and 3 loads washing 4 times a week.
Cleaning skirting boards and light switches 3 times a week.


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Think the moping would get to me 🤣🤣🤣 .... sorry 🤣🤣🤣

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Is it actual OCD? I clean a lot but I'm not OCD. I just like a clean home. I am not anxious and consumed with obsessive thoughts if I cannot clean.

 Aren't you?
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 Correct, I don't have it. OCD is characterised as someone who has obsessive and compulsive thoughts and tries to manage them through behavioral rituals. This behaviour could be anything, not just cleaning. If it is actually OCD mental health support from a trained professional would be a good starting point.
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I don't house clean. He would either do it. Or he'd leave me. That's how that would work.

My husband is OCD and gets very upset if things are done. Once a week we have a cleaner in, he keeps on top of the washing because I suck at it and we both get in and clean each day. Kids also have chores each day. Thankfully he has worked on his OCD ( with outside help)and each day we focus on 3 things that he feels is very important. That is washing, kitchen and floors clean.

Yeah i think I'd be giving him the number of a cleaner if that's what he's screw it I'd just be saying Next please...

If I love him- of course I'd stay.

Perhaps you could be grateful that he has high standards of cleanliness and that he's putting I his fair share achieving those goals.
Don't be a bitch when it benefits you both to have such compulsions.

 He picks on me if it’s not up to his standards
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No I wouldn’t leave. It can’t be that bad to take on new traits like being clean. As long as it’s fair - equal jobs. And as long as he’s not checking wjth a glove that you have in fact dusted when you said you did.... otherwise yes then I’d leave Or tell him to get fu***d!

I am the OCD person. My partner didn't believe me to start with. He's adjusted to it now lol