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Would you be upset if your partner rarely ever wanted sex with you, yet would rather watch porn or live cams? It's ruining my confidence :(

I don't have an issue with him watching porn. But there very obviously is an issue when he would rather do that than be intimate with me :( we have sex once a month at most and it just feels like he does it as a chore. I have tried talking to him about this over the last few years and just get a brick wall put up between us, I know he loves and cares about me.. But I just feel like a friend/housemate. This is affecting my confidence immensely. Has anyone else gotten through this and managed to get intimacy back on track? I love him, but this is seriously hurting me :(


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Most probably he's getting some sex from another woman.Otherwise no matter how tired a guy is,he will need sex at least twice a week ( if not every night).
He must please you as well as getting some pleasure himself too.How about you watching the porn together? Give that a try and try and do the same as whatever tou both are watching :)

 He won't even talk about sex/intimacy or even admit to watching porn. I've tried asking to watch it with him and he just got angry and walked away :( conversation closed & he just pretends it never happened..
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 "Most probably he's getting some sex from another woman"? Really? You sound like a goose. Clearly he's getting off with his hand. Watching porn doesn't mean cheating. And nobody NEEDS sex. Seriously, step out of the biblical ages and join us in 2018.
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OP AGAIN: I would like to show my partner the answers on here.
Maybe hearing how it makes other people feel in the same situation might help..?

 Personally I think just hold your horses and don't get impulsive. Just chew on it a while x
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It is easier to use porn. He doesn't have to worry that he hurts you. It would be hard for him to see you in pain with your disease during sex while he is having a good time. That would (or at should) make anyone feel like a dick. Don't pressure him for sex. Start by holding hands or a quick peck on the cheek. You don't need sex. You need the closeness.