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Leaving a cat home

Would it be ok to leave a cat home alone with dry food and water for 4 days ?


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No. I would never do this to my cats. To me that is cruel to leave any animal home alone for 4 days.

 They have water and food. Cats aren’t like dogs
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 Cats are like dogs and all other animals. They require fresh food and water daily and fresh litter.
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I think it would be okay if they have toys, scratching post, bed, food, water they cannot spill, and multiple litter trays. Cats aren't like dogs, they're not pack animals so it probably wouldn't even care.

I'd be more concerned about them getting sick, knocking over/contaminating their water or being injured in a fight & not being checked by anyone.
We look after a friend's cat when they go away & the house stinks by day two, regardless of the type of litter. Poo + house shut up. We end up buying more litter because it's gross.

Didn’t think about fights

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Personally I wouldn’t ever. Can you get someone to come stay and watch the cat? They do have automatic feeding machines because leaving 4 days worth of food and water firstly the cat will eat the food until it vomits and the water will go stale and the kitty litter smell in your house when you go back.

 The cats have cat door and we have a big backyard for cats to do their business and cat box inside house and we use the crystal stone cat litter no smell
We leave 2 big bowls of water inside

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  your cats should not be allowed to roam outdoors unsupervised. That's irresponsible.
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 Do you follow your pussy ?
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 Follow my pussy? Wtf. I don't have a cat. I'm not that fu****g stupid.
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 The water will go stale??? Huh?
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It will be fine- just leave lots of water in a couple of different spots, and an extra litter tray. People that get all hysterical over a cats psychological well-being are being ridiculous. A cat is a pet, and a very independent one at that. Pets shouldn’t dictate what you do in your life. Most cats probably wouldn’t even give a shit that you’re gone as long as they have food and a place to poop. Worth noting that cats can go a long time without water and not dehydrate, so even if they messed up their water, I doubt they would be severely compromised in a 4 day period.

 Cats do care if owner isn’t home long
When I started working nights for 4 mths my cat didn’t use the cat box as much and I rang vet and he asked me
Do you have another cat or dog recently ?
Did you buy or move furniture?
Has your staying home life changed ?

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 He probably stopped using the litter box because there was no-one there to reprimand him if he pissed where- ever he liked, not because he “missed” you.
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 The cat box gets cleaned every 3rd day
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 Would you leave a dog home for more than 2 days ? Or 5 days
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 Dogs are different, they crave social contact and are pack animals.
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We regularly go away on holiday (at least twice per year) and leave our two cats for between 2-5 days. They don't seem bothered at all. They are used to having food in a dispenser so they don't eat until they get sick. We shut up the rooms with carpets but leave them free to roam everywhere else in the house. They have multiple food & water dispensers & two litter trays and cat beds. The house does smell quite catty when we get back but that's understandable - after we clean out the litter, let some fresh air in & mop the floors it's all good. There's always still food & water left when we get back.

I have left them longer & had a neighbour to come and refill their food & water before, but felt less comfortable with that as it's a burden on the neighbour & I don't like to ask (she offered the first time but I wouldn't ask again). The cats didn't seem to miss us at all even then. They are both moggies (not a fancy breed) and both the sort that can take or leave people - happy to get a bit of attention if offered but not needy.

 Twice a year is not regular. My family and I go away 6 times a year
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The maximum I leave my cat is four days. We have an electronic feeder, leave lots of water bowls and two kitty trays. She gets to emotionally upset being by herself any longer.

I would prefer to leave her in the comfort of our home where she is familiar. I feel she is safer at home and less confused then in a cattery. She doesn’t like it, but she accepts it.

I think it’s fine but you need someone maybe someone in your family to come and check on the cat and just fill up there food and water.

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No, I think you would need someone to check in every day to ensure that there is enough food and particularly water remaining. Four days is a long time.

If you leave your call home alone and it has a cat door it won't stay on your property.
If it comes to my house I will give it its final supper.
Wanna risk it?

Most cats are independent and do not need constant human contact. But I’d be concerned the food and water would run our before your return. Can someone not just pop by once a day and feed the cat?

 My sister is Childless ( not by choice ) and has 3 cats aged 2,5,8 and spoils them and the cats are her fur babies and when her 14 year old cat died my sister cried for days
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 I’m have two kids. Humans. And when my 12 yo dog died I cried for weeks. What does being childless have to do with grieving for your beloved pet?
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