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How do I tell my mother in law her food is dry and bland ?

She’s a very sensitive woman and cries at drop of a hat
Hubby and dad are use to her crappy cooking


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You don't say anything. Just eat it and say thankyou. If she's been cooking like that for years nothing is going to stop it now and you complaining about it will just be really rude and hurtful.

You "suck it up" and accept the food for what it is made with love for you to eat.

For all you know she has such hidden anxiety around cooking and producing food for others that she gets overwhelmed trying to cater for everyone's needs. Perhaps there is a reason she makes bland food, maybe she cant eat spices or tolerate certain seasoning. Be grateful for food plenty of starving people out there who would love food.

Hold up a score card at the end of the meal.

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Just ask for extra salt/ pepper and add it on your plate.
Otherwise suck it up and be grateful you're not starving

How often are you eating there? If it's only every now and then just say thank you, no need to give her cooking tips if everyone else is happy.

 Most Sunday’s
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 How about you cook, or bring a dish, or tell her that you're years of smoking in your youth have wrecked your taste buds & you need extra salt, pepper, spices etc.
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 Yeah my grandmas cooking is terrible but now I just bring a dish or two and use the excuse that if she's hosting in her house, we bring something, or, I tell her hubby and kids eat soooo much I'll bring extra cos they are fatties. I would never say anything tho
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Why don’t you help her cook?

 No no
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Maybe it's time you hosted instead

 She insisted to host all the time
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Look up Gordan Ramsey, that should give you some ideas.

You don't! I'm not a fan of my MIL's cooking but her kids/husband thinks it's great so if they're happy I'm fine with that.

Just say “ look over there, what the hell is that” then when she looks pour a boat load of seasoning all over your food. No conflict that way.

Wait for that little firecracker to go off!! Let us know how it goes.