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Tricky question. Would anti vaxers get an Ebola immunisation if they went to Uganda?

Sorry to stir, I’m just curious.


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Another question would be. Would an antivaxxer have an operation without anaesthetic, cause that stuff if chocked full of "toxins".

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Nah way there too busy in there caravans in Byron Bay playing with there underarm hair and smoking the weed.

 Their not there
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 No, They are in the wealthy suburbs in Melbourne and Sydney.
Pretty much everyone I know who is making $200k+/year Is not vaccinating their kids.
Food for thought.

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 More money usually means higher education.
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 We make over $200,000 a year and vaccinate as do literally all of our friends and peers. Keep that tin foil hat on tight.
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 More like the crazy folk stick together
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Knowing those idiots, they'd probably have 'Ebola parties' for their kids to build immunity, as it's 'nothing to worry about. Just flu-like symptoms'.

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Nah, they've got witch doctors to fix that stuff 😂

Jesus, don't you know Ebola can cured with clean drinking water and centred chakras

Probably not they believe Ebola isn’t that bad and can be cured by modern medicine besides the vaccine is poison 😂😂😂🤣🤣

Ehh, nothing like that oil of oregano and some other essential oils can't fix, right? Maybe some added prayers, too, for good measure.

I can't believe it Stay at Home Mum, you shouldn't be supporting the vilification of a group of people that choose to treat easily preventable diseases with seaweed and snot. It is their choice to ignore the mountains of evidence. Bahahaha, I couldn't keep a straight face. Sorry, antivax is bullshit. Change my mind, oh hang on, don't even try.

You would be fine, Ebola can be cured by distance reiki.

There isn't an Ebola vaccine!!

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 Those poor health workers they are preemptively vaccinating in Uganda must be screwed then.
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No way, that bunch of Karen's would be too busy telling people why they should put their kids in harms way to ever think about venturing out of Byron Bay or some other privileged white person suburb.

 More money usually is related to higher education.
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 More money doesn’t mean higher education. What a ludicrous comment.
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