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If you were going to find out your partner had an affair how would you want to find out?

Anonymous voice msg/ phone call
Text msg
Anonymous letter
Face to face

Would you even want to know and which would you prefer?


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I would only want to know if the following was occurring. He fell in love, got someone pregnant, had an STD or other people knew. I’ve thought this one through long and hard and would turn a blind eye.

 Me too
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Leave a note on my screen door you pussy. Course I'd like to know. I'd take evidence too if you had any.

Of course I’d want to find out!! Any which way as long as I was told and it was a reliable source. If a text message would need to have as much detail as possible so it doesn’t seem like a hoax. Same with voice message.

 Yes, as much detail as possible would be important.
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I found out on tv. Flicked on the news one night and there he was in the back ground kissing my sister. Worst day of my life. Still going through the divorce and my family chose my sister over me

 WTF?? I need to know more about this! Did you have any idea they had a thing?
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 What a messed up situation.
Also your sister and ex are absolute pigs! I just don't know how people even let themselves be interested in another person, especially their sister's man, or wife's sister!
Sending love to get you through this tough time

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