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Biting off more than i can chew?

I haven't worked since my 1st son was born, he is moderately autistic, for the last 2-3 years we have been going to a group for special needs kids. Recently the coordinator has expressed that she wants to leave and hand the job over to me. It would be very soon, and is a great start to the career path i would like to take. But i wasnt planning on taking these steps for at leased another year or 2, as it will require me studying as well. I would be able to take my kids to the group which would be my asd son, his younger brother age 2 and im due with a little girl in june. While i feel like it may completely overwhelm me i think it would be silly to pass on an opportunity that i could have only hoped for at the right time.
What would you do?


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I'd take the opportunity. If it gets too much, you can always try and find help in someway. But honestly, you have no idea what you're capable of until you try it. I bet before you had your son (the ASD son that is), you thought you couldn't handle a high needs child. And yet now, look at you go! Rocking the shit outta this whole parenting thing, even with an autistic child "in the mix". I say go for it!

 I have no idea who you are but damn I wish you were my friend. This is such a positive response.
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If you have even the slightest inkling that you may regret not taking it in the future, take it and give it a go.

Go and get it girl!! Good luck and god doesn't give us what we can't handle!

I would do it and just make it work. Uni's have crèches now to assist if you have to go to lectures. Make sure you use some of your earnings on a cleaner and a nanny a few hours a week so you can go to a library to study. Even if you don't save much whilst you study it would be better to spend the money to help you get through it comfortably rather than not do it at all.

Definitely go for it! If you don't you'll always wonder and regret it. If you can't handle it, admit defeat and ask for help! Good luck x

How much time is required? Will you manage it while sleepless? Maybe take in the study but not the role.