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Is this gross ?

Not showering day and night on your period


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I have a wh***s shower ... wash my fanny and my arm pits and get the water of quick smart. Although we ran out of water a long time ago and have to buy it, expensive and can’t get regular deliveries where we are.
Think of the women in the world that don’t even have santitary products

 What exactly is a wh***s shower? Is that auto correct or an assholes attempt at being funny?
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Showering day and night is a bit excessive for anyone. Just make sure you take a daily shower regardless of whether you are having a period or not.

 Couldn't imagine only showering once a day. Morning and night for me.
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Gross . I can’t believe this is even a question . Get in the shower you dirty bird.

Hey lady there is a drought

 30 secs evening to wash your fanny
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I use baby wipes to keep myself fresh but shower in the morning. Sometimes both depending on activity and head. But excessive to do both every day

I prefer to shower morning and night when on mine. But if you wear tampons you’re not going to get messy so one shower is fine.

 Exactly this is what i do
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 Use hand held shower and see how much blood and clots come out
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 This is exactly what I do and I use a cup. I hate the cramps and the blood and just feel like a shower helps with both
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 I don't have alot of clotting. Mine aren't that heavy & i make sure to drink extra water & eat red meat during my period. If you have excessive clotting maybe you need to consult a doctor.
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I do both every day. I exercise in the morning and so need a shower after I’m done. And I sleep better if I shower before bed and wash the day off me and am fresh getting between the sheets.

 Same here
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