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What do you think of the new restrictions just released?


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I think Scott Morrison and his government deserve more credit than they’re getting. They’re NOT ignoring EXPERT medical advice and they’re trying their damnedest to keep us out of a recession. I can bet the people who bitch about him are the same people that are given double centrelink payments and $750 or whatever from him. 🙄

 100% this!!!

Also every praising Jacinta Arden when she’s literally done exact the same steps as scot Morrison.

Credit where credit is due he handled this much better than the fires.
I’m not a fan of him personally but I do vote liberal, but I think he has handled this well.

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 I agreed with your comment about Scott morrison but then you had to throw in the comment about welfare recipients. Almost every single Australian will receive something at least and if you dont, then the government obviously thinks you don't need it. Kudos to you for that but show a llittle compassion for the ones who aren't so lucky
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 Agree, but need to correct- Jacinta did it first, Scott is doing the same as her, no?
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 Anyone should be able to live modestly off $100G.
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 Yep agreed
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 I would find it hard for a family of four to live in $100G you would be surviving.
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 Don't be jealous
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 I don’t like the liberals or Scott Morrison but you are absolutely right. He has been working from both medical and economic advice to help keep our country going. Credit where credit is due.
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I have never been a scomo fan but I think he is doing what he can right now. No matter he does he will be vilified. He will never please everyone. He has an entire country’s wellbeing resting on his shoulders and we are all looking to him to guide us. He has to make decisions which are impacting every single person, weather it be financially, medically, personally etc. we need to stop blaming him and do what we are being directed. Just think, of all those idiots hadn’t of swarmed the beach, if the cruise ship wasn’t allowed into port, if people, listened to simple social distancing rules we could hopefully slow the spread.

 100% 👍
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All seems quite understandable to me. The funeral one was really sad to me though. If we lose anyone personally be it grandparent, mother, father, uncle, friend- there can only be 10 people there...

People need to buy food, not every one can afford to stock up for weeks in advance.
If our medical professionals have no one to look after their young children then what then?

 Schools are still open (at least in QLD) so many fake news reports on schools striking. As a teacher, we are definitely not striking in QLD- systems as usual with an extra focus on student and staff health and well-being.
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 Thank you. School teachers are one of the many unsung heroes in this.
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Well, the national cabinet is meeting again tonight to discuss stage 3 restrictions because people aren't listening & are openly flouting rules. So yesterday's restrictions will seem relaxed when they bring them in.

My 93 year old grandmother is in very poor health and we expect her to pass in the next few weeks. Family aren’t allowed to visit her and if she passes most of us can’t go to the funeral. It’s devastating for us as we are a huge supportive family. I know it’s for the greater good, it’s just so sad we won’t be able to say goodbye to her when the time comes.

 I am in a similar position with my Grandma and although it is so bloody hard and sad, I know that when the time is right we will get together as a family to celebrate the great women that she was! Virtual hugs to you and your family!
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 Thank goodness for technology though, can you not FaceTime/can they maybe stream it. I know it is nothing on the real thing, but that is a positive in this which we have technology to thank
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Personally I don't understand. No more than 10 people at a funeral, but shopping centres and childcare centres are fine to stay open? Maybe I'm missing something. I haven't really looked into it. But that seems stupid to me. Just lock us all down so this horrid virus can slow down and we can re build.

 Get your head out of the sand. NOW. Childcare centres and schools remain open so that us essential service workers can go to work and do our jobs.

The funeral part is sad but need to stop the spread. This is all very common sense.

Shopping centres I would assume will close soon but they trying to find a balance between keeping the economy going and people safe.


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 Wow you're angry.
My head isn't not in the sand. Is that not confusing to you? hair salons for 30 mins? How is that essential? Just shut them down so this virus can slow tf down.
I never said I don't agree with it, I'm just saying it's not making sense TO ME. personally we are all home and have been since my Monday and I will continue to stay at home with my children until told otherwise.

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 The shopping centres are very sparsely populated with customers during open hours now. I had half a floor of Ikea to myself yesterday.
We need to make sure what can be left open to trade is left open to trade.
Without Bunnings and other similar places open, many people left at home will go stir crazy.
So they are important for mental health.

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 I think the difference is also, that childcarers are being very proactive/like schools with social distancing and hygiene. Most people won’t be taking hand sanitiser and keeping social distancing at events. I think also, that weddings and funerals, abroad have been really bad for spreading the virus and they are only just realising that, I think it has been really underreported but there any gathering of intimate people is bad. Malls are not as intimate though of course they are breeding grounds, I feel people have their guard up in those environments
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 Yes Bunnings helps my mental health are you serious! If spending money is like therapy for you then maybe you should get a real shrink it'll be cheaper
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 Here’s how I view it:
You aren’t hugging or shaking hands with people at a shopping centre. You go to a funeral or wedding and people naturally touch close family to the person who has passed or shake hands/hug the bride and groom. These are things we do without thinking. There hasn’t been enough time to make the habit of social distancing second nature to most people. As someone who hates being touched I notice every time someone goes in for a hug or handshake, and when it comes to family and friends it’s a lot. Limiting the amount of people limits the amount of contact.

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If people don’t listen to the rules & adhere to them, this will be nothing compared to what is about to come!!!