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Help me, I hate coconut.

Loads of recipes I see contain coconut. I’m assuming it’s a filler as well as being used for its taste. I hate the taste. What could I substitute? Nearly every slice recipe I see asks for a cup of desiccated coconut. Yuk.


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Omg coconut flavour every thing is the bessst!

 I knowwwweeee, I was thinking of bounty and coconut slice!so good! I can't Even think of an alternative
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 ^^^^oh yeah. I love everything coconut 😍
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 OP here, here’s the reason I hate coconut. When I was about 5 my nanna gave me a fun size bounty as I was leaving her house. I took a big bite and it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever tasted and couldn’t swallow it. I didn’t want to be rude so I kept it in my mouth and I couldn’t spit it out in the car so I had that disgusting thing in my mouth for 15 minutes until I got home and could spit it out.
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 😂 haha that's pretty impressive for a kid to hide that for so long! I probably would have spat it in my pocket or something!
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 I had a similar experience with a banana Lolly only I forced myself to eat it. Still hate artificial banana flavouring yuck.
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You can use oats in place of coconut in some recipes. I've made caramel slice base with blended oats as I didn't have coconut

 Great! Thanks.
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I hate it too!! In year 7 my friends dared me to eat a whole coconut (just the insides ya smart asses haha) so I did and then I hurled everywhere and now I can't even look at it haha

It provides structure so make sure whatever you replace it with will do the same, like crushed nuts or something. I don't like coconut in curries or drinks but I don't mind dried coconut in sweet dishes, it balances nicely with other ingredients like chocolate and caramel.

Maybe sub a mix of crushed biscuits with almond meal?

Slices can be made without the coconut. You just leave it out and add more of the broken biscuit base. Or add something completely different like finely ground up nuts.
What other recipes you got?

 What about cakes that call for coconut?
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 Depends on the cake really. Lamingtons, for example, you really need that coconut 😂
But other cakes, why not just omit it all together? If you're worried about the consistency of the batter, thicken it with more flour.

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 Ok thanks I’ll try that. I thought extra flour would make the cake tough. I wondered if coconut was a binder so I’d need to replace rather than omit.
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 If you're using self raising flour, you should be right. I've never had an issue. But in saying that, I've never made something as light as a sponge or angel food cake for example.
If you're looking for alternative binders, pureed pumpkin or sweet potato are good options.

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