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Is this excessive?

I live in an inner Brisbane suburb and my year 2 sons school fees are $350 per year, this is a public school and doesn’t include the school list supplies we purchase separately. I feel conpared to other schools it’s very high. The school list also includes a kids map book of $50!! I can’t even use the same as last years because it seems an ‘updated version’ 😥


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Definitely use last years map book they probably update it every year with a few extra pages.. don’t fall for the scam and the teacher should work around

In Vic ours is $205 including the books being supplied by the school out of that $ amount

Its ridiculous that they can even try to justify the costs

Wow that's huge. We live in Perth and our dd is in yr 9. Her fees are about $290 and that includes languages, cooking, manual arts, media etc. I've learnt to cut back on the booklist as I think 10 staebler pencils for example is ridiculous. I'll buy 5 and if she needs more I'll get it as we go along. Uniforms are a killer as they have a select few items we can choose from. If you are on a benefit I'm pretty certain there are subsidies. Be sure to check with the school. Regardless of that $350 is outrageous. I'd want to talk to the school about that. Good luck x

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Have 60 voluntary, 120 voluntary P&C and 100 excursions..Also in Perth..what is the breakdown on your fees? Mind you we went to a community kindergarten and they ask $400 as the fees , public system

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I’m in Perth. Primary public was $120 voluntary. Public high school $285. They didn’t include booklists and uniforms. And there were a few excursions/ incursions through the year that would cost around $20 each.

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Wait till high school
My 3 kids fees were $30k for 3 includes discount

 That's private not.public
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 ^Who cares? She's talking public schools.
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$60 voluntary in Perth, year 3 booklist $120 Kindy also $60 voluntary booklist $45

My youngest is in public highschool. $295 plus stationery and uniform. Oldest is in a different public highschool but has specialist programs. Hers is $900 plus stationery and uniform.

 Sorry I just realised you said year 2 ....then yes, $350 at that age is excessive. My primary school kid is $60.
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