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Feel like im constantly asking when things will get better for us. Its one thing after another ALL the time, without a break.

We've had nothing but issues and stress and expense with our rental for the past year or so. Just changed offices and now the tenant is in arrears for the 1st time. I work 2 jobs, 1 im supposed to get paid weekly and havent been paid since March. We've got a big, serious, expensive issue at our place that has to be dealt with NOW but my husband literally has no time - hes going to be up until midnight trying to fix it. We never seem to have time or money for anything, we both work our arses off. There are sdo many other smaller crappy things going on too and its all really starting to get on top of me. I feel like im negative about everyrhing and always just assuming/expecting the worst will happen because it does. I dont feel like im living life, i feel like im barely surviving. Sorry more of a vent/rant than a question. (And before i get the comments - just because we have a rental doesnt mean we are living beyond our means or rich)


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Wow, OP just reading your post I feel for you. That feeling of just being swamped and drowning is so overwhelming and you feel you cannot think clearly because there is just way too much going on. Sorry I have no real advice, just wanted to empathise with you and sending you a big hug. Can you not perhaps grab a quiet moment and just write down the things that are bothering you the most, or perhaps the things that require the most urgent attention andcthen you and your hubby come up with a strategy to get on top of those things first and then tackle the rest?

 Nice good sensible advice- I’m with this commenter xxx
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I could have written this question verbatim. Feel for you, hang in there. Not sure if or when it gets better, but we can do it

Is it possible for both of you to take a week off work and fix these issues? Make a list of everything that needs to be done, divide it into days and stick to it as much as possible. Focus on nothing but that - get takeaway for dinner all week if you need to. Maybe you’ll be able to sort a lot out during that time?

 Chuck sickies
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Pick one problem at a time and deal with it, ignore the others until you have it solved. I have to do this or I'm a mess. If i were you i would deal with your pay first of all.

 Good advice.
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Answered by OP

Thanks ladies, you've all been really helpful and supportive. Hopefully I can sort out my pay today. Its all just really getting on top of me. So much unexpected money to fork out all over the place and im not getting money coming in either! Money always stresses me out. Most things i can deal with - even being super busy, but when several major financial things happen all at once I freak out! Anything financial freaks me out actually. Hubby is stressed with work so much atm we just really dont need these issues. Life just seems to keep getting more and more complicated, busy and stressful. I wish for my simple life back.

 I think if you read the barefoot investor book it could help you
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 I know exaxtly how you feel. I am in the same boat. I lost out on $12k on rent. So fell way behind in bills and investment mortgage. Again debt collectors for everything. Now I have got a $8-10k bill to fix rental bathroom. I was unemployed for 9 months so had next to no income to even feed my kids or pay mortgage and bills. I am so far behind in wverything it is a joke. My stress levels are high, I dont sleep and I have panic attacks. I dread leaving the house.
I am a single parent of 5 kids so I have no back up of a partners income. I just want to vanish for a long time and come back and everything be sorted. In reality I am now working 16 hr days over 3 jobs to try and make some headway.
Life is tough. I want a simple life too. Our time will come for the simple life when everything is sorted. Chin up. We can do this.

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My husband went through a stage where he wanted to use the equity in our house to buy an investment property, and then use that to buy another and so on so we could become multimillionaire property moguls. Told him flat out no way I'm not risking the house. He was pissed off for a few weeks but now is so pleased we didn't go ahead. Friends we know did and lost everything and still owe big money. They live with her parents in a caravan.

Get rid of the investment property. Tenants have all the rights. Landlords get screwed over by the system.

Hey, my life is in the toilet too. We have more than one rental and we are in a very bad place financially. At the moment we don't even have money for electricity. Tenants have trashed our houses and we don't have the money to fix it, and we cant rent them as they are. But we still have to pay the rates, so we are getting futher and further in the hole. The bank is threatening foreclosure on our own home as it's worth more than the rentals. I am sorry that I have no advice, but know you are not alone. Hope it gets better for you. Xx

Answered by OP

OMG! So it just got a whole lot worse! Our property manager just rang and our tenant is having a mental breakdown, has lost her support network and cant afford to pay ANYTHING!!!! They are breaching her but it looks like we are going to have to go through insurance and are going to be out of pocket a fair bit 😢. I cant even think about it right now or ill probably have a breakdown too 😢

 Virtual Hugs. Hang in there!
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I do not think because you have a rental you are rolling in it. I think rental properties can be money pits. I know two people who lost substantial amounts of money because of bad tenants. I’ve been watching Bad Tenants and Slum Lanlords (I think that is what it’s called) on Netflix and that really puts me off having a rental. Anyway, I’m wondering if having the rental is worth the stress and the time. Maybe selling it would be one less thing to worry about.

OP I have definitely thought about selling it. But hubby isnt keen and I think what we would lose financially on it right now would stress me out eveen more. The tenant is ok, not fantastic but ok. We've just had a few things requiring substantial repairs lately. Our previous property manager was incompetent and caused us a lot of stress so have changed agencies and hoping some of our stress will be removed. If not I think we may have to consider selling. Waiting to see how we fare at tax time with it all - that could push us over the edge in decuding to sell. In a previous life I was a property manager so am well aware of the horror stories and have seen them furst hand. Ahhhh!!
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How haven't you been paid since March??? Consumer affairs