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What is something that people would be shocked to find out about you?

I have known a friend for almost 30 years. About 10 years ago she and her husband became born again Christians. They are very involved in the church and go to a minimum of 2 sermons a week. Every week she invites me to church and every week I say no. Anytime something good happens to them or others it is because of God's love blah blah. Bad times are all just part of God's plan.

She told me recently that she is no longer having anything to do with a mutual friend because she has converted to another religion. I was shocked and tried to get her to see reason (ie it is still the same God just a different path. She is still the same person and even what would Jesus do) but she didn't listen. If she threw away 20 years of friendship because of a change of religion imagine what she'd do when she finds out our whole family is atheist!!


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I have a shitload more money than they think.
I made smart choices in my 20s.
I make smart choices in my 30s.
My husband and I both hardly work and few people know exactly how we make our money.

We see about 8k a month, and we don’t work very hard for it now.
I work but I work cos I love it and it serves my community, I provide a service about 70% cheaper than the going rate because a) I love my job b) I consider it a gift that I should give.
I extend it further to give it for free to those who need it. But even still my little buisness that sees me work about 15 hours a week earns another $1500 or so a week on top of the 8k.

That being said we pay for my mother in laws living which is around 1k a week, my kids (I have 2 biological kids and have my sisters 3 kids- she passed away ) go to catholic school, and we holiday every 3 months, plus I give money to a family I live with in South Africa when I did a volunteer program there, and also give to the charity I worked for over there, so my money does find a way out of my hands fast. But overall I’m extremely comfortable even though sometimes I might be right and budgeting, I’m budgeting because I give away a lot of the money I earn.
I live in a modest middle class family home, I run a small buisness that serves the community.

I truely think people would be shocked if they knew I didn’t have to work. And that I earn really good money. I drive an old beat up van that I love, I do my own budget DIY renos cos I love the challenge and that I did it , I still live like I use to before my investments came good.

 I like how you contribute to the community and give back 🙏 (I think that's a high5)
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 Too wordy
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 Too many words for you perhaps
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 Good on you 😁
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 This is amazing!
You sound very humble and giving.
Congratulations on your good fortune.

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Everyone thinks we're boring because we don't drink, buy take away, have Netflix or fill trolleys full of crap at Kmart.
The truth is that while they sit around drinking & looking at pictures on their latest model iPhones of places they're 'gonna go' when they have money we're already doing it.
We've been to places they've never heard of & had incredible experiences. We've also nearly paid our house off & have heaps of savings.
The sad thing is it's not really a secret. They just don't get that it's a choice we made.

 Awesome. Well done
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 Yeah you're boring
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I swear at home, all the time, every swear word you could think of. My mouth is disgusting,

I use to be really really hot with an amazing body.

I can see from comments people don’t get how I “got” my husband who is still a really hot guy. They don’t know how hot I was lol. The years of sleepless nights have taken their toll on me in a big way.

 Your not dead yet lovely. Make time for yourself, start with little steps so it's not overwhelming. Fight to get that hot bitch back. Show em what you've got 🔥.
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I'd say there's more to it than just that this other friend has converted away from her. Just let her make her own decisions regarding who she wants to be friends with. It's really not your place.

People would be shocked by how long I can hold a grudge. I'm a very friendly and laid back person, but if you cross me, I don't forget it. And I don't forgive either*. But it takes a lot to get me to that point.

(*unless I really want to)

Im a total alco

 Are you really? Or did Aunty Barb just tell you that because you got too drunk at her daughter's wedding?
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I'm like such a dork normally but I freaking love numetal

Pretty sure I’m bisexual. I don’t actually think anyone I know would be surprised if I came out and told them. But I’m not about to tell them anyway as I’m getting married to a man next year.

That after 10 years of being a single mum of 4 kids, I have finally met a really nice man 2 weeks ago. None of my friends would ever expect me to ever have a man in my life again as I have been so happy being single and never wanted a man again.

That I can't stand my 'close friend '.
I hate the sight of the pig.

 Why are you close friends then? Get rid of her.
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