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Moving House Tips Please!

I’m moving house in 2 weeks (just before Christmas) and am feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed. If anyone has some amazing moving, packing, cleaning tips please tell me!!


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Roll up all your mats and rugs now, take all pictures of the wall, invest in proper packing boxs, and maybe get a few smaller ones from bunnings or iga (free), pack all your books, dvd’s and linen today and those pics, also all your kitchen plastic stuff and any kitchen utensils you wont need. Then pack all the clothes you wont need till after moving. Clean as you go so its not a total nightmare at the end. MAybe do a xmas food order/delivery now for your new place so thats all sorted. After you have done all that, chuck out all food thats not coming with you and scan your place to see what else you can chuck out. Put a load of washing on then ‘close the laundry’ till after you move, pack all laundry items and give it a clean. Good luck xxx (remember to eat and drink so you dont get grumpy!)

 True! I found cleaning a bit at a time useful - so I stripped the spare room and cleaned it, shut the door and kept everyone out. I ‘shut down’ the en-suite bathroom as it had been cleaned, etc. made a big difference to just have to dust or vacuum lightly in a few rooms.
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I would be too. I hate moving & i've moved alot. Just recently did it again. Have an essentials box, make it the most important box - always know where is it. Put what you wearing to bed that night & the next day, sheets, phone charger, toothbrush& paste, hairbrush, toilet paper,a few cups, plates, utensils, snacks, drinks, dinner that night & maybe breakfast- if you can't find anything & you probably wont lol - you will still have the bare essentials to get you though. Because moving is exhausting & you don't want to be digging through boxing at 9pm that night screaming about your phone charger- like I would be 😆😆.

Cull things as you pack, and possibly again when you unpack.

Use garbage bags for soft things like clothes, linen, toys. Soo much cheaper and easier than boxes.

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We have you covered!

2 years ago we sold our house and we closed I was 2 weeks. We had a four bedroom house with a one bedroom granny flat, so a lot to pack and clean. Luckily we had planned for months to sell our house so had already culled a lot of stuff for a council rubbish collection, donated a lot to charity and even put furniture out the front with a free sign on it.. Most of it got taken. We had already packed non essentials like DVDs and books, photos and pictures so it was just a case of packing what was left and then cleaning. I packed and essentials box like someone else said with a first aid kit incase someone hurts themselves. It also had a torch batteries enough cutlery and plates for dinner etc. Also, if you have a dog or cat pack them an essentials box too with food, their bowls, leads, something to sleep on and maybe a favourite toy or two. Also, takeaway like pizza or something is a life saver when you're exhausted after a long day of packing or moving.

3 years ago i moved 1 week before Christmas. I had alot more notice though and started packing months before.