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Weaning off the boob

I have decided to wean my 9 month old from the breast and supplement his food feeds with formula feeds. I've got good bottles. He doesn't like the formula milk at all and I'm wondering what other mum's have done to combat this? At the moment I'm trying one boob milk then next formula milk but he's fighting big time. Should I have gone with stage one formula instead? Any tips on the transfer would be appreciated to settle him and my boobs down quickly!


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Stage 1 formula seems to be more tolerable and you will find they take more in, which is good when you are trying to ween (I never changed up from stage one with my kids prior to going to cow's milk at 1year old). Also try a different type of formula if your baby doesn't like the one you have choosen... Each of my kids have liked different formulas so a bit of trial and error. If you have the time and patience, try half expressed breast milk with formula to begin with. Adding formula to food you make also makes them more accustomed to the taste. Good luck...

What size teats did u go with for the bottles? When I put my boy on to bottle at about that age, I went with the teat recommended for his age, but that was WAY faster flowing than my milk did so I had to try a NB teat and go from there.

I started to wean my first at 10months, he'd never had a bottle before so went straight to a sippy cup of formula. I gave him a cup every morning with breakfast. He wasn't keen at first, took a few times offering. Switched to cow's milk at 12months. Weaned at 12months but still just had one cup of milk.