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If you have a Dyson stick vacuum what model do you have? How is the battery life? And would you recommend?
I've heard the battery life can be pretty terrible?


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Mine is the 7 i think and it does my whole house on full suction in one go. But it’s always fully charged before i use it. Small house though, 3x1

OP Thankyou. We have a larger home. 4 bedrooms/3 living areas etc so don't know if that will last
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 No need to vacuum whole house at once
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OP I like to vacuum my whole house at once.
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 Get a life ^
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OP I do have a life. A nice clean one. That doesn't involved being a full grown adult trolling anonymous forums. But thanks for your concern.
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Have Dyson 11
People don’t charge it fully and use it on maximum suction

 How long does a Dyson v11 battery last?
around 60 minutes
On a full, 4.5-hour charge, the V11's battery lasts around 60 minutes, though the actual run time may vary depending on which power mode and attachments are used and what type of floor you use the vacuum on

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OP Thankyou! That's the one I've been looking at
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 Same v11 absolute. Bout 60 min tho the other night I swear it said 5 minutes for about 20 minutes. 4 bedrooms 2 living areas. Can usually do the whole house in one go and I’m very thorough I do the windowsills skirtings couch etc
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I have a v6 slim, battery goes about 15-20 minutes which is fine by me as I don't want to vacuum the whole house in one go haha. I have a plug in vacuum too if I decide to do a long vacuum. Note that we have just had to buy a new battery as it would no longer charge ($80) 2.5 years old- warranty is 2 years. Used about once a week, so was a bit annoyed.

How big is your house ?
How much carpet ?
How much tiles or floorboards or other flooring ?

OP House is 34sqm
4 bedrooms all carpet.
3 living areas all carpet. Just tiles down the hallway and bathrooms.

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