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Wedding redo

If you hated your wedding, would you have a redo and renew your vows with the wedding you dreamt of or would you live with the crappy memories and try to let it go?


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I didn't enjoy my wedding that much but there circumstances that couldn't be controlled. I'm mentally planning on renewing our vows at 10 year anniversary mark. No other people just us...doing it our way.

 Same here
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Isnt it about a promise between 2 people? You made the promise already so now you can look forward to making a life full of happy memories together.

My uncle was gropping the women aged between 18 and 25

I hated my wedding and do not have many good memories from it so much so I couldn’t bring myself to do it again. We love each other and create new better memories now and I am much happier with that thought.

My late FIL was very drunk and he was an embarrassment

I think that the memories will probably still be there from the first even if you have a do over? Maybe just focus on other shared goals for your future?