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What do u do when ur toddler won't go back to sleep after waking during the night?????

Gosh we had a crappy night with our toddler. She woke bout10.30pm and didn't go back to sleep til after 2am. We tried re-settling, milk, putting her in our bed etc. Any other tips for quick re-settle??


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Not much help, but the only thing that works for my toddler is bringing him into our bed and cuddling him. It only works if its the first thing we do though, that was he doesn't get stimulated and want to play or anything.

 Same here.
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 this ^ have done this many times.
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 You or the toddler 😂
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 Both 😂
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Some nights I give up a pop on a cartoon, gate off the lounge, and doze in the sofa

If I can tell she's tired but still waking crying, and if feeding her hasn't helped, I usually give a dose of Panadol. 9 times out of 10 that works, I think sometimes teething pain or colic etc are keeping her awake.

Ours always ends up in our bed. But is hard he sleep talks and performs circus acts all night so i can't help

Starting to think my toddler is an awesome one lol. She just lays in bed and yells out "mummy, mummy" until I say "mummy's here, I'm in bed now go back to sleep. I love you" then she'll reply "ok mummy, love you too." Very rarely do I actually have to get up, she's just making sure I'm still here haha. If she has a nightmare (I can tell the difference) I get up and rub her back for her, but that's not very often. She's 3

Lay with her and doze until she goes back to sleep :-(

I sit with him and pat him for a while, then go back to bed. He goes back to sleep eventually.