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Am I weird ?

I like to go to city once a month for few hours and observe people’s behsviour and look what they are wearing


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People watching is one of my favourite hobbies. I like to even make up stories about their lives in my head by their body language, the way they dress and the acts they are performing.

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 I do the EXACT same thing 😂 hello friend!
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People watching is the best. Once my friend and I got high, sat across from the hungry Jack's drive through and for hours we guessed what everyone would order by what they looked like. We were close enough to hear their order and maybe it's cos we were Hugh but so entertaining

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Pretty sure this is my dad's full-time career now he's retired

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I love going somewhere for a drink or coffee and just watching everyone go by. Where are they all going? I wonder what that little old lady's story is? Is that man as rich as he looks? I wonder why that woman has one leg? Car accident? Birth defect? Crazy ex? Meningitis?

Add a camera and take pictures of the people you see.