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Can’t decide on baby boys name



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I like Leo. It's not that common, but it's still a classic.

 Sounds cold and boring
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I know someone with a Noah. She calls him no-no. Deliberately let’s him start to do something wrong then yells out no-no. Then laughs and thinks she’s hilarious because “his name is Noah so his nick name suits him “ 🙄

I feel like Hugo is a good cats name but that’s just me.
I like Finn better than Flynn but if I had to go with any it would be Flynn.
I liked mason and Charlie and jack when I was pregnant

Personally, I like Flynn and Noah.

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Wait until the baby is born then chose from the list. That's what we did with girl names because we couldn't decide

They are all great, just go with your heart. It took me 6weeks(the absolute max) to name both our children! We even had the other kids classes making lists for us because we took so long! My top two would be Hugo and Leo x

Do you have any other children? What will the middle name be?

Sonny is a cute name!

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 Sonny is probably the only one on that list that I dislike
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