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Do you think private high schools tolerate kids with behavioural issues?


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Ours doesn't, you have to interview to enroll each and every year and they just fail the kids with behavioural problems or learning issues. It's discrimination of course but they just give alternate reasons for cancelling enrollment.
There are no children with special needs at my children's private school at all. They get axed.

 Same at our school, thank Goodness.
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 Umm you just said "thank goodness"
You are an absolute waste of life.

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 You bit the bait
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Ours tolerates behaviour issues within reason, but has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. You get one warning then you are out.

Private schools are hugely different to each other. The little Christian school up the road has a few kids they are trying to save on scholarships that are causing issues - but lots of talk about Christian duty and their difficult home life so far.
An elite academic school in a city with loads of competing schools nearby isn’t going to tolerate much nonsense though.
Having worked in public schools in nsw, it is really hard to expel students.

I’ve found the opposite to be true. They don’t tolerate bad behaviour and they will offer more assistance. Public schools are so much more reluctant to stop a child attending. That’s why you see parents taking bullies on themselves because the school does nothing. No school should tolerate bad behaviour, especially bullying.

Nope, i knew a few people who were "asked not to return next year" when i went to a private high school. Having been through both public and private myself it ended up being the deciding factor in sending my children private. Also they foster a no tolerance approach from the start so i think that helps.

No. They are private, so don’t have to. Kids with behavioural issues are hard work without any extra benefit to the school.

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I would think they would be less likely to in some situations. This is just based on the fact that public schools are required to provide education to all children but private schools are able to apply their own selection criteria.

The more high performing schools don’t, the kids end up at the local high. I know I see it all the time as school councilor at our local high school. The hard part is integrating them back in. If they started off with us and had issues they generally fall into the pack mentality and are ok. Unfortunately the ones coming from private schools have had years of being treated special and are too disruptive and hard to rehabilitate.

So my child has mental health/ anxiety that we consider ‘behavioural difficulties’ so I read this post a little offensively until I realised the reference to bullying etc?

My kids go to our local public high school and I was telling another Mum how well my kids are going. I asked her if she was sending her child there when he's ready for high school next year and she looked at me in disgust and said no way! She was sending him to boarding school in Perth (we live rural) to an all boys school. I found it a little funny as he is not the best behaved child but she keeps blaming the school. She will be in for a shock when he gets sent back to her I guess!

 This is the OP by the way, when I posted this question my keyboard was really slow and I couldn't be bothered spending 10 minutes writing more info.
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Depends on the issue, you’re not giving us much info here ......

 Kids with continuing behaviour problems for whatever reason.
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 Disobedience, violence, aggression, verbally abusive ???????
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 It doesn't matter.
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 It does because they’re all varying behaviours and each entirely different.

No private schools won’t tolerate it. You come to a forum wanting opinions and give no information and say it doesn’t matter. You’re very immature.

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 😂 you ask all these questions then say it doesn't matter because no private school would tolerate any bad behaviour
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 Violent, aggressive and verbally abusive are actually very similar.

Behaviour as in class disruption, bullying and not following rules or being respectful.

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 But thanks for showing your maturity by calling someone you don't know names, very nice.
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 Who was called a name? Merely stating her attitude as immature as she said “doesn’t matter”.

While similar those issues on a psychology basis are each different and investigated and dealt with in a seperate manner.

But I didn’t know you held a psychology degree

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 It would very much depend on the behaviour. If a child is being disruptive in class or having issues with skipping school then it would be totally different to being abusive towards other students and staff. One is easily dealt with through investigations into the child’s mental health and school life, the other requires the little shit to be kicked out.
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