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Tell us the biggest love story of your life

Doesn't have to have a happy ending because not every one's do.


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My boyfriend rode 4 hours on his motorbike in the pouring rain to see me on my birthday :) we've been together 10 years now, married 7. And he still surprises me. He is the love of my life.

I was originally 13 when I first him (let’s call him G) as we were both state champion gymnasts for our respective schools. I stopped gymnastics not long after due to the issues it was causing with my knees and ankles and joined a voluntary group in our area. A very male dominated field I was one of three females and was part of their competition team also. Like most high schoolers I used public transport to get to and from school daily, as did one of the other female volunteers and often we would meet on the train on the way home. She had mentioned to me her new boyfriend and after about 2 months said boyfriend gets on the train at the next stop, it was G.
For some reason it never occurred to us to mention that we knew each other (he was 5 years older than me). Shortly after I discover we are getting a replacement coach and who should turn up.....G!!!
He and I formed a close friendship very early on (his girlfriend had moved on in the group), he was my coach and quiet and shy. We became very close but only in the capacity as friends. Our closeness came to the attention of more senior members and so began 4 years of constant scrutiny and us defending ourselves, each other and our friendship. In the end, their on going campaign probably drove us together rather than apart, as was their intended goal.
In time we most certainly developed feelings for each other and there were times (privately, not in the bounds of him being my coach) where there was a stolen kiss, etc. despite at time is both having partners.
A tragedy rocked the small community we lived in and had a huge impact on many of us. We were all dealing with our grief the best way we could, for me that meant I would walk.....and walk, and walk until I was so tired I would drop just so I could sleep. I was 17 by this point.
On one of my walks, G drove past and stopped when he saw me. We chatted about what we were each struggling with and decided to go and see a movie together and get something to eat. We didn’t want to feel we had to pretend to be ok, and it was comforting to be with someone else who didn’t feel the need to try and make it better because they were feeling sad too.
We went to Gs and decided takeaway and movies on the lounge room floor was what we wanted and needed. For the first time in weeks I fell asleep. G called my mum to let her know I was safe and asleep, she told him to let me sleep but be aware of the nightmares I was struggling. Eventually G picked me and carried me to bed. And that’s where we stayed, together all night.
It was never planned, we were no longer under the scrutiny of the organisation as I had moved on 12 months earlier and it never happened again. It’s never been spoken about and still no one knows we knew each other prior to him becoming my coach. We knew that our lives would take different paths but we also knew that we loved each other and always will. We still see each other and have mutual friends and an association with the organisation but we made a promise to each other to never tell them or anyone the truth.
He will always be my one true love 💕