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We totally forgot about my son’s birth registration form! Will we get in trouble with gov/centrelink for not sending it in sooner?

It got lost in a move and a little damaged! My son is now 10 months old!! Has anyone else sent their form in late and didn’t get any sort of trouble from it? ALSO! The form is damaged, how can I get a new one? Thanks


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You sure you didn't do the update online? Cause you only have to take a photo of the back page and upload it, hence why you still have the form. Pretty sure you wouldn't get a medicare card etc without submitting it.

 Ps. You should be able to check by logging on to centrelink and checking that bub appears under your 'family'.
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We oopsied with our youngest - looking for her birth certificate for kindergarten and went to organise a replacement - uh oh never actually got her birth certificate - all was fine and the person at births deaths and marriages says it actually happens a lot with “subsequent” children 😂😅

Not in trouble but you’ll prob miss out on baby bonus or parenting payments

You definitely won't get in trouble. My daughter is 17 mths old and we only just got her registered. And centrelink backpayed my ftb from her d.o.b.

We did send in his birth certificate form

 If you got a birth certificate wouldn't that mean his birth is registered. It can all be done online now
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  There are two separate forms.
1. Registers birth with births deaths and marriages in your state, this is where you get a birth certificate from
2. Register birth with centerlink/medicare so you can get a medicare card and have your child added to your family to update payments etc

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 I did not think you could register a birth with centrelink without doing it with bdm first? There was too much fraud happening with people claiming kids that did not exist in the 90's I would be a bit worried if its still the same. All my kids had their births registered first with bdm then centrelink.
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 The hospital supply a centerlink form and they have to fill out certain parts of the back page, so you don't have to wait for the bdm registration.
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I don't think you will get in trouble but I didn't think you could apply for centrelink or medicare until the birth had been registered? Or is this not the case? It's been 12 years since my last baby so I could be wrong.

 Well apparently not because all our payments got updated and we got a new Medicare card with his name on it
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