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Tenant cleaning for open inspection.

We are about to go through a second open inspection and then all the viewings as our landlord is selling our rented house. Has anyone else been through this? How clean did you keep the place? I just can't keep the house spotless. I am worried that the owner will be upset if I don't clean, as the real estate agent was annoyed with me as I said any viewings after 4 pm would have to deal with us all being home and none after 630.


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When we were looking for a house to buy, we found some of the tenants did very little to clean up for inspections. We actually wondered if they did it on purpose so the house didn't sell! It was quite a shock. I'm sure they don't expect perfection... just do your best.

 wouldnt that be a breach of their conditions?
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Just do a normal clean as if you have guests coming over. Things like bathrooms, kitchen, floors and making sure that it is generally tidy. You don't have to go overboard but if you have an investor walk through it can be the make or break for you to get to stay there, if you do want to.

 I agree with this. I had a rental house that was sold while it had tenants. This is all I would have expected but our tenants were amazing and went over and above so we were very lucky.
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 Bet you didn't offer them a discount on their rent that week because they were soooo amazing
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You are allowed to give the option of 1 open house a week. Eg Saturday from 2-2.30pm
Real estate agents aren't not entitled to free reign just because you are a tenant.
Call them up and suggest one open house a week

Be careful. My agent started making sure I wasn't home - completely illegally. He would ring and arrange a time and if I said 'I'll be home from work at 4" he would show them through at 3.

 They did turn up early once, the house was not yet cleaned, they won't do that again.
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Shove dirty dishes in the oven if you don't have a dishwasher. Have washing baskets handy to throw stuff in. Quickly make beds and a packet of wet wipes or detol wipes to do a quick surface clean and spot clean the floors.
If you can be bothered that is.
remember how painful real estates can be when moving out, it might be worth the effort.
Put your foot down on the being home part. Especially in winter that is a ridiculous expectation.
Lock away your valuables. Don't trust anyone these days.

 I do have it reasonably clean, I had the place spotless for the first open inspection, I just can't keep doing that though.
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I lived in a house for sake years ago and hated it, real estate agents don't seem to care about the rules as much, they don't care about tenants they just want to get the house shown. I had them try and show people without even ringing me, or if they did it wasn't 24 hours notice. Clean as though someone fussy is coming to visit but don't go overboard with windows or walls etc. Just do what you can.

 Sale not sake
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 And also it is important to make sure its clean, the people looking could be your future landlords.
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 ^ that
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 We are moving in a month so not an issue. They are asking a lot of the house it will take a long time to sell.
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 In that case I would say no to any viewings. They can do it once you've left
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 I wish, I can't say no.
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You as the tenant are entitled to "quiet enjoyment" of the property you rent regardless of it being for sale. Agents (and property managers) are not allowed to let themselves into the property without the stipulated notice. If the day/time they want doesnt suit you, you are allowed to say "no" and give an alternative. If they have enteted your property without you knowing, they are in breach and you can breach them! You have many rights as a tennant and if you continue to have issues call the department of commerce or real estate organization in your state (in WA it's REIWA) to find out your rights.

 Thanks. It's only an issue as it will just keep happening. I have given them a list of times that work for us, unfortunately most people like evenings during the week which we can't leave the house for.
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I've been through houses that had dishes in the sink and stained bedsheets on unmade beds. Just keep to your usual cleaning routine, untidy is fine, but not dirty.

 Thanks, I do a quick tidy, make beds, open windows so it doesn't smell. I do a reasonable clean if I get enough notice. But it's not like I would clean if it was my house that was being sold.
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Stand your ground, make sure it is tidy. Difference between living and dirty. Don’t stress too much. Alternatively you have the right to be asked to be released from your lease on the grounds they are selling. Find somewhere new if you can and want

I would also take down any family photos for inspection or real estate pictures- never knew what creeps are lurking around. Never be too careful.

I would be home for all of them and lock away your valuables. If the real estate doesn't like it they should move you out.