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Maternity pads

Which brand would you recommend?


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I used u by kotex and they did there job. You only need them for a couple of days so don't go too nuts and buy heaps. I bought 3 packs and only really needed 1 and a half

 That really depends on the person ... I wore them for weeks.
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 I usually need them for 4-5 weeks post partum. Then I can switch to regulars.
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 I didn't need them at all .......
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 My eldest I needed them for 4 weeks, 2nd I only really needed them for 1/2 a day after then could switch to regular pads
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Libra ultra slim. Still holds regular amount they just aren’t bulky

You can use overnights too. Strangely I found the ones without wings to be better. For periods, I get with wings (when not using tampons). Maybe it's the granny undies.

After my natural birth I only needed them for a couple of days then regular pads were fine. After my c-section I only needed pads to protect my incision from rubbing against my waistband for a little while. They always tell you to stock up heaps but it’s really overkill - I found the Coles brand did the job and didn’t cost much

I used libra for the first week, then used Woolies super pads after that.