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Can someone give me recommendations for an over the counter medication that might help with stress & anxiety?
Thank you


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Go and talk to someone in the chemist to find out what is available. I used to take a herbal supplement but I can't remember the name. Passionflower is supposed to be good, same with magnesium. Also rescue remedy. Or all the above.
I think it's trial and error as to what works best for you. Also, if you are not seeing a counsellor I would definitely recommend that you do.

The only over the counter one I can think of is rescue remedy (or similar). I find slowing my breathing and focus on deep breaths (even for a minute) can help me to feel slightly better. So can talking to someone if you can. All the best. You're not alone.

 I second rescue remedy. It has worked for me. That and exercise.
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 ^^^ Rescue remedy is good, so is a tablet called a chill pill. Rescue remedy comes in lots of different forms too, pastilles, drops etx
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Why does every second person " suffer from anxiety"?

 Because who ever designed people fu***d a few things up.
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 Not sure... But consider yourself extremely lucky if you've never been through it. Be gentle to those who are brave enough to share with you that they experience it.
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 I never had an anxiety attack until I was in my 30s.. until you have one you're no one to judge.
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 Because the world isn't fair and we are not robots
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