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Is everyone excited about voting?


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More anxious than excited. I hope Labor don't get in, they'll send the country broke ....... again

 I think we're wishing for different things
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 As opposed to a party that can't even sort out there own internal affairs. Not one person in Australia voted for Scott Morrison to be prime minister of this country last election.
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 Liberal loves to sell stuff
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 Australians didnt get to vote in julia either! Labor is no better with their chopping and changing. Julia booted kevin out, then he booted her out again. They're all a joke! But I'm voting Liberal - what they are offering and planning currently suits me and my family better than Labor.
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 Exactly, Labor has had a revolving door too
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 Nobody votes for the Prime Minister. The party chooses their leader. And if the person who is their leader doesn't get elected by the people in their electorate, someone else will get the job.
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 Hmm what currently suits you and your family?
I feel like when people vote we should be thinking of the best interests of everyone in our entire country! We should be thinking about the people who do not have a voice, like our children!

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Yes! I want this election over with so we can get on with life.
I feel that, no matter who we vote in, we're fu***d. So, let's lube up and get the fuckening done with quickly shall we. The faster we fall, the faster we can rebuild.

 Agreed. The economy is downsliding. Whoever wins will get the blame.
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 Yes & who's fault is it now that it's down sliding?? Who?
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 You want us to pinpoint one person for something so complex? Impossible. The economy is affected by the rest of the world too. Even if we had a PM that did everything to make every Australian happy, the economy would still be subject to international monetary value. Also, do you think the PM is the sole decision maker? The prime minister has surprisingly little power. I mean, for one person, they do hold more sway than the rest of us, but they're still balanced out by the ministers and the law. That's why we don't live in a dictatorship. We have 3 arms of government: administrative, legislative, and executive (I think that's what they're called, it's been a while since year 9 economics). They check and balance each other so that one dingaling doesn't get too big for their boots and decide to become king dingaling.
So, to try and blame one person for the entire economic down turn, is just ridiculous.
Also, if you're keen to see change, run for the job yourself.

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Yes! I just wish there was a party who will really bring Australia back to the socialist democracy it once was

I read that as “is everyone excited about vomiting?” Yeah, about the same as I am about voting.

 I pre vomited. It's better vomiting in the privacy of your own home.
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Already voted. Excited for all the political propaganda to end

Absolutely! ...In no way possible, love.


I just want it to end. I’m sick of the ads. I went and voted early

Yep. I'm hoping support for Fraser Anning gains some momentum. It's about time we have someone with guts.