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House inspection

Can my landlord evict me for me refusing to let him do a house inspection cause I am at high risk getting the virus ?


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No new laws protect renters feom being evicted. Even real estates arwnt holding house inspectiins and open houses due to risks. As a high risk person they need to respect that AND OBEY ISOLATIOIN RULES. An inspection is not essential at this time. I would call vcat and find out where you stand legally.

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Call the rta in your state and ask what your rights are. If you can’t say no to him, buy your own mask and gloves for him to put on before he enters your house. Tell him you require him to take his shoes off, stand 2m away from you at all times and not touch any surfaces.

I'd be more concerned about why he wants to inspect now of ALL times. Probably looking to sell & wants to know the state of the place before he starts making arrangements. When's your lease up? I wouldn't worry to much if you have to move. There will plenty more rentals on the markets soon & it will bring rents down. Air bnbers dumping their houses into long term rentals in droves.

No because we are all meant t o be isolating. They cant do inspections atm.

Isn’t there a ban on all rental inspections at the moment because of the virus? 🤔

Put all your concerns in writing and put a proposal in place if he chooses to not adhere apply to Rta dispute resolution OR QCAT or whichever small claims state you’re in under the act you can have an order made regarding entry Section 201 of the ACT in QLD

Maybe let him know of your situation, if he still insists put some rules in place. Taking shoes off at the door, ask that he wears gloves and a mask etc and maybe no talking? If he has inquiries to via email it to you?

I'm not sure. Perhaps they might accept you taking a 'walk - through' video.
Or you could request he wears gloves and a mask.
Ultimately you're in his property and he wants to make sure his hard earned money such is sitting in the property is being looked after and respected.
Be mindful that it's his house. Compromise.

 Would you let your landlord come to inspect his house if you were at high risk getting the virus ?
I had chemo for breast cancer and have respiratory problems.
My 10 year old daughter has asthma and hubby can’t come home from his job and won’t see him for 6 weeks.
My mother in law has emphysema

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 I agree with this answer. Can't you arrange a face time via the phones or something? I do believe in QLD that the real estate have been banned (for a few weeks now) from doing house inspections. I would contact your landlord (Are you not through a real estate? Why are you direct rental, what does your lease state?)
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