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People experienced witwith Freezing and vac-sealing meals for camping etc

We are going to be traveling remote for 3 weeks. I want to make and vac seal pre-made meals like curry and spag bowl etc. To vac seal, i have to freeze it first, but I'm only going to have fridge space not freezer space when travelling. Can i freeze and vac seal meals, then put them in the fridge, where they will thaw and still be able eat them 2 weeks later? Or does the freezing, then thawing, but not eating straight way compromise the freshness of the food? Usually i vac seal, keep in a freezer and use as needed, but i won't have that luxury this trip. We will be in some very remote places so shops will be minor and far between. I'll also have a limited cooking situation (2 gas burners and 1 small bbq plate) so being able to heat a meal and cook rice or pasta to go with it is what im wanting to do mainly.


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Answered by SAHM Staff

Hi OP - yes you will be able to do this quite easily - a few years ago we went on a 5 week camping trip and I cooked meals and sealed in vac bags and froze them. They lasted in our camp fridge for about 3 weeks, so you'll have no issues. I'd suggest double sealing them to make sure they don't leak as they defrost.