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Food and Sex

Anyone used food during sex ?
Hubby loves shoving strawberries and canned cream in my pussy


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I ate a turkey leg in the shower once. Does that count?

 omfg hahaha
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 😂😂😂 actual tears lol
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Gosh, shoving fruit up there? Sounds like an infection waiting to happen...

 If you use condoms, sone foods like hot dogs, cucumbers, squash etc make for good substitutes. I wouldnt put them in me without being covered though.
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I like H to f**k me with pineapple, the rough end first

I tried nutella for oral once. Looked like I sharted all over hubbys faces

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Hubby likes to put ice cubes in my pussy, the sensation is amazing!

 I had an ex years ago that introduced me to that, I would then suck ice cubes before giving him head
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I thought I was far from prudish, then I read this and now feel like there is a whole world in sex I would never try.

Oral with Whipped cream and chocolate sauce!!

 I second chocolate sauce, but I don't like whipped cream normally so I haven't used it haha
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Cold cucumber is amazing.

 Double penetration with cucumber 👍
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Good grief ladies!!!!!!!

 Someone said what I was thinking. This has to violate safe handling of food
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H likes to cover me in fish sauce before he has his way with me

Hubby likes to f**k a packet of mission bread wraps. Just pop them in the microwave for a few minutes before.

Crumbed steak 👌 da bomb. Or popcorn. I like to pretend I am the popcorn machine pushing bits out.

A chockito really gets me going.

 I prefer boost. It's smoother. If I want texture I use a picnic.
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I like to practice my kegels with a lettuce. Every time I squeeze I listen for a crunch. Bang on

I like being fu***d with kabana, it's so thick compared to my Hubby

 Wow kabana isn't very thick. You poor lady 😜
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