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Did you like going on a cruise?


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Hubby and I agreed that if we go on another cruise, we'd go with friends. We don't really like to mingle with strangers or party at night, so would have been nice to have some friends to hang out with sometimes. Although we went before having kids, so going now and having the kids go to kids club might be a great holiday haha.

 Love this idea 💜
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Yes we loved it. We were lucky with the weather being beautiful therefore calm seas (I wouldn’t have coped with seasickness). We also had a great group of people, no bogan behaviour or any dramas on board. I’ve heard a lot of awful stories but I think it’s luck of the draw and also it is what you make of it. We went with cousins so it made it a lot more fun.

How wonderful that you can both get on so well. What an awesome example for you are setting for your kids. Have a great time xx

 Whoops sorry I accidentally responded to a responder. Hmmm bed time maybe? 🤣
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