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Can you catch STD’s from oral sex?

I feel so ignorant having to ask I have a new partner and we aren’t exclusive but I suspect he has been sleeping around quite a bit. We have only ever had oral sex or used a condom. I have a blister on my lips and now paranoid it might be herpes. Now second guessing our relationship.


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Makes me feel worried about high school sex ed when someone doesn't know this.

Yes you can. Oral sex without protection is still an exchange of body fluid. Get that blister checked out.

If you’re not exclusive, what are you second guessing? Non exclusivity, you should just assume he is sleeping with others.

Would you be comfortable having sex, using a condom with someone that tested positive for HIV?
If not, what are you doing having sex with someone that hasn't been tested?
Have y'all not discussed if either had
a known STD?
Beginning to second guess what? Your decision to have unsafe sex with someone untested, without test &/or conversation?

 Read again she hasn’t had undafe sex.
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Yes you can catch herpes from oral sex.
Side note: my spell checked changes herpes to heroes 😂

 Gonorrhea too. You can get that in your throat
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 And chlamydia in your eye
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 Gotta watch those heroes
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HPV causes cancer! Throat, tongue & cervical to name a few! Can also be passed kissing!