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To those who’s kids learn a musical instrument..

I’m a teacher myself at schools, who is starting to teach from home, and I’m looking to see how parents go for lessons, from a parent’s perspective. Can I ask how much you pay, do you pay by term? Do you go to the teacher’s home or a company? after school or on the weekend? Also can I ask how or where you found your teacher and did you choose the time? I’d really appreciate it, but I’m sorry for the bombardment! Thank so much!


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I organised music lessons for my son with a private music teacher. The teacher knows me through a friend of a friend and contacted me to ask if I'd be interested cos she knew my son would be starting school, and her house is near to the school. The lessons are at her house which has a piano studio, they're 30 minutes long and $28 each (so about $280 a term - I pay by term but you can pay by lesson if you prefer). She also offers group lessons for cheaper.

Good luck!

 Thanks for your response, that’s such great initiative that she contacted you. I am in the process of organising business cards so I can try get word out. Does she slot you in after school then and did you choose you time, or get what was available?(I ask because if she has back to back students I’m curious how parents feel about it after school, in my area kids can be busy, but I’m just likely making excuses) 🙂
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 Hey, different responder here. If the local school will allow it, lessons during the school day are great, it saves another school night out. The Music Teacher calls the students in a different line up each week, so they don't miss the same school lesson each week.
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 She offered a few different days/times and I picked one that worked for us - could have also chosen evenings or weekends but I prefer after school. Yeah as the above commenter said, there are a couple music teachers at the school who take kids out of lessons for music during school hours. The school charges them rental fees for the use of the music rooms and yes they have to timetable carefully, not allowed to take them out at all during certain times & have to keep changing it around. Might be a bit of extra cost and admin for you but quite convenient for parents which might get you more customers!
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My daughter plays oboe through her school which has an amazing music program. She gets her lessons through the school. We did one lesson with a private tutor to check her development and she charged us $75 for the hour

 Thanks for the response. That’s a good approach to have feedback, good choice of instrument too, always short on oboe players and it’s such a beautiful instrument, vital in band programs too but that must be a testament to your great school program
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Both of my kids a learning an instrument if you do teach offer the AMEB pathway to give your students a goal to work towards. I have changed teachers through their lack of interest and accountability in this respect.

 Thanks good to hear, I definitely prefer students interested in this as they improve dramatically with such goals. Thank you for reaffirming patents are interested in this.
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 Also. I fotgot to ask, how did you find your teachers? Was it word of mouth Or through the school?
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My kids have private piano lessons at a public primary school. The Music Teacher uses a spare room, with her own keyboard. The school recently decided to buy a piano for the school, she now uses that. Fees started at $20 for a 30 min lesson, about 10 years ago. The fees are now nearly $30 for 30 min lesson. Currently costing $900 per Term, for 2 x Piano Lessons & 1 x Singing Lessons.

The cost is definitely up there, but it saves me another after school activity, extra travelling time, plus km/fuel.

Although I have seriously considered dropping the Piano lessons for my son, after 3/4 years, he would prefer guitar & I would rather he put his effort into something he's more interested in. On the other hand, my daughter has been doing Piano Lessons for 10+ years, & I've just added Singing Lessons for her, because she is keen & she practices. As she's in Year 8, she walks to their Studio after school for her lessons, the high school does not allow private music lessons on site. They did many years ago. If my daughter wants music lessons at HS, she needs to continue with the Flute she picked up in Year 5, or choose another instrument. By continuing her lessons outside of HS, it also frees her up to choose other subjects at HS.

 Thanks for all the information! Did your school advertise this? I understand I'd need to rent the room and get relevant insurance which isn't a big deal, but curious how many instrument are offered and how it's done in the public system. In Sydney it was always afterschool, but organise by a not for profit when I used to work there. In Perth it's almost not done at public afterschool from what I've heard.
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 I organised it myself (as a parent) with the principal. Got enough families/students interested. I don't believe they charge the Music Teacher any rent. This Music Teacher only offers Piano. I am looking into a guitar teacher, if I can get enough interest. Our primary school is in country, regional SA with about 25 kids. Great school, good family & community spirit & support.
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 Good for you, it's so good of you to brings arts to you school, really.
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Do you have an ABN DCSCI clearance have you notified ATO and Centrelink?

 She hasn't earnt any money yet, and she would have a Working With Children Check (or equivalent) if she already teaches in schools.
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 Op here, yes of ofcourse I have already dove necessary ABN. I have got two students so far and payment is straight to my bank, nothing to hide. Calm down.
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 And before you ask, yes all the clearance s and sole trader declared despite only having two students.
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My youngest plays the cello and trombone and has dabbled with drums. All of his lessons were at school. The cello and trombone during the day, drums after school. Cello I pay $11 per lesson and pay per term, trombone is $50 per term. My oldest took guitar for two years, it was taught at the local PCYC. I don’t remember how much it was but I paid per term.

 Are these group lessons? That's very cheap!
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I pay $35 a week for a half hour lesson from a very experienced piano teacher.
I pay by the term, but that is my choice as I find it more convenient. She doesn't go through school holidays.
It is downstairs at her house in her piano room and I sit in (basically it's easier than trying to do something in the time).
If we are sick and miss one, we still pay or arrange a make-up lesson that week. If we miss it because she has something come up, we don't pay.
We found her through word of mouth.

 Thanks alot! I work at a number of privates schools as I have studied to a professional,post grad level.. it's just good to hear others. My colleague and I have the same approach as yours with regards to attending.
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My 8yr old daughter does private violin lessons at school. We pay $180 per term for 1x 20min lesson during school time. The school have a specialist teacher that comes in & teaches them.

I did piano lessons privately as a child from 10-17 years of age. Privately.
Both my children have been learning piano/guitar since they were 6 years old at a music school.
I pay $30 for 30 minute private lessons for each child twice a week. They are 14 & 15 now.
I wouldnt send them privately because of my own negative experiences with my teacher.

Wow I just realised how lucky I was to grow up with a musician for a dad. I never needed to pay for lessons, and I'm pretty sure I could read music before I could read books lol. I was part of the school band and it pissed my teacher off to no end that I used to goof around with my friends all lesson, then she would try to embarrass me by saying to play a particular piece in front of the class and I'd be able to do it no worries. We had another musician there who used to help out but wasn't actually a teacher, and to this day (over 10 years later) he still yells at me for giving it up once I left school every time I see him. Which is a lot because him and my dad have started a music tutoring thing together lol. Also I played the flute (yes because of the band camp thing, it made me laugh, but no, I never did that 😂) and the piano. I also know a couple of songs on the guitar, but I'm not overly good at it.